STRUXURE construction mats from AXION International Holdings provide a temporary surface under heavy tracked equipment in wet and environmentally sensitive conditions. The mats are impervious to moisture, utilizing 100 percent recycled materials. Applications include gas and oil drilling and completion rig sites, access roads, work platforms, swamp access, wet job sites, staging and laydown sites, difficult terrain and remote work camps. The recycled mats also save on disposal costs by keeping job site waste out of landfills.

“In the energy industry specifically, we’ve found that we can use the high-density polyethylene [HDPE] liners that are put down for containment on drilling sites,” says David Crane, executive vice president of building products at AXION. “Once the project ends, many of those go into a landfill. We can take that material, shred it, clean it and turn it into our structural products. We’ve also done some testing on the pipe caps or casing caps used in natural gas drilling.” Additionally, once the mats reach the end of their useful life, they can be ground up and used again.

The mats consist of solid 7- by 9-inch boards of various lengths that are bolted together using 1- or 1 1/4-inch galvanized carbon steel rods. Standard five-piece mats are 16, 18 or 20 feet long, 45 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Each board weighs approximately 23 pounds per linear foot. A 16-foot assembled mat weighs 1,794 pounds; an 18-foot mat weighs 2,024 pounds; and a 20-foot mat weighs 2,254 pounds.

Seven-piece board configurations can form mats 20 and 24 feet long, 49 inches wide and 9 inches tall. A 20-foot section weighs 3,174 pounds and a 24-foot section weighs 3,818 pounds. AXION also can design and build custom mat sizes upon request.

“Our [five-piece] heavy mats are typically used for equipment that is over 80,000 pounds [up to 110,000 pounds], with either tires or more likely tracks,” Crane says. Seven-piece designs can handle heavier equipment. “Those ratings assume full support from below, but we have built some small bridges out of these. We can do small stream crossings with our mats alone or sometimes we comingle them with wood and/or mats. It depends on what the contractor may have on site.”

The 7 by 9 boards also can be used as sides on containment liners or as outrigger pads for heavy equipment.

The boards are made from a blend of raw materials and can withstand harsh use and extreme temperatures.

AXION also makes 7- by 9-foot cribbing and structural pilings for roof supports in underground mining in addition to custom composite mats used for small bridges and soft wet-area crossings. 740/452-2500;

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