There are a variety of water and wastewater transport systems and options. Many of those options can be found below, along with pipeline maintenance and inspection equipment.

Vacuum Tank Trucks and Trailers

Vacuum trailer system

The VacSimizer vacuum system from Advanced Waste Services is designed for one-person operation. Easily maneuverable in tight areas, it delivers 2,400 cfm and legally hauls 42,000 pounds (80,000 pounds GVW). It has the capacity of a 5,000-gallon semi-tanker and the maneuverability of a straight vacuum truck. Axles retract for tight locations and extend to comply with bridge laws for driving with a full load. Features include 25-foot hose trays and 76-degree tipping angle with a full-opening rear door. The unit carries 200 feet of 4-inch vacuum hose and can be loaded from either side. 800/842-9792;

Dumping vacuum tank

The 4,000-gallon aluminum Matador vacuum tank from Amthor International comes standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. It is available as a dumping tank with or without full-opening rear doors, as well as with off-road construction options for various oilfield and mining applications. Various pump models are available, as are chassis and stock tanks. 800/328-6633;

4,000-gallon vacuum truck

Vacuum trucks from Best Enterprises are built on 2014 Kenworth chassis with a 4,000-gallon stainless steel tank. They include a 6-inch dump valve with heated collar; two stainless steel toolboxes; a 20-inch stainless steel manway; a 36-inch rear stainless steel manway; strobe lights; a heated coil in the water compartment; a Moro PM110 600 cfm liquid-cooled vacuum pump; and a DC10 MTH water pump with low-pressure hose reel. Safety features include a backup camera with 5-inch LCD display, stainless steel ladder, LED DOT stop/turn taillights and sealed-bulb backup lights, and a heavy-duty bumper with receiver-style trailer hitch with a seven-way plug. It has three 5-inch sight glasses, two 3-inch suction inlets and a 2-inch bucket dump. 800/288-2378;

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Wash/hydroexcavator vacuum system

Wash/Hydroexcavator vacuum systems from Camex Equipment have capacities up to 3,405 gallons, with a 1,000-gallon compartment for water and 2,405-gallon for waste, with an anti-surge baffle mounted on a reinforcing pad. The water compartment has a 21-inch manway with ladder inside the tank and rungs outside for access, with a recessed float level indicator on the driver’s side. The tank has 2-inch suction/discharge and 2-inch drain valves. It is epoxy lined, and withstands 25 psi internal pressure at full vacuum and 15 psig external pressures. The primary is a 10-inch heavy-duty internal shut-off with 6-inch stainless steel float ball/cage assembly and neoprene rubber seat top. 877/955-2770;

Combination vacuum truck

The Arctic ComboVac from CanAm Equipment Solutions has a 3,200-gallon DOT 407 waste tank with full-opening rear door and front hoist in either aluminum or stainless steel construction. Its Robuschi 65 series positive displacement blower provides 900 cfm of high vacuum for continuous operation. The fully contained water system includes 1,000 gallons of storage. A Cat pressure pump provides water delivery at up to 10 gpm and pressures to 3,000 psi. The Hotsy boiler package provides 700,000-plus Btu of heating power to provide hot water or steam. It is available in a variety of configurations for tropical to arctic climates and industrial liquid waste to heavy oilfield applications. 877/582-2626;

Oilfield-ready vacuum truck

Vacuum trucks from Curry Supply are available in 80, 100 and 110 bbl-capacity sizes to meet job requirements and DOT regulations. Stainless steel tanks are also available. Every tank undergoes comprehensive blasting, preparation and painting using DuPont paint and exterior coating for long tank life and corrosion resistance. Special tank designs are easily accommodated. A stress-free mounting system is designed into each truck to withstand harsh oilfield conditions and to increase truck life. All engineering, manufacturing, assembly, painting, financing and warranty is done in-house in a ISO9001-certified facility. 800/345-2829;

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Truck vac

The FXT50 Truck Vac from Ditch Witch is mounted directly to a truck’s frame rails, allowing the system to flex independently of the truck, promising stability and confidence. It can be mounted to a single-axle truck of the customer’s choosing, and can be customized with toolboxes and other support equipment (e.g. 1,020 cfm blower, 3,000 psi water system flowing 5 gpm.) It is quiet and offers quality filtration. 800/654-6481;

Vacuum septic service truck

The Workmate vacuum septic service truck from FMI Truck Sales & Service is available in mild steel, aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel, in capacities from 2,200 to 4,000 gallons. They are available in single- or two-compartment tanks, with a jetter system and choice of rotary vane vacuum pump or blower. Units can be built on a variety of chassis options. 800/927-8750;

Harsh climate hydrovac

The Hydrovac 2000 from Foremost Industries is built to withstand harsh climates and challenging work environments. It has a 13-cubic-yard epoxy-coated debris tank, a sloped debris tank and centrifugal pump tank flush off-loading, 2,000-gallon epoxy-coated water tank, Robuschi positive-displacement vacuum blowers, CAT water pumps, up to 1 million Btu boiler systems, 70-inch heated, insulated and lit van bodies, a wirelessly controlled 26-foot extendable 8-inch boom system with 340-degree rotation, a 52- by 48-inch dump door and a winterization package. 403/295-5800;

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130-barrel non-code vacuum trailer

The Kill Tank Trailer from Fortitude Manufacturing has a capacity of 5,460 gallons, with design pressure of 5 psi internal, 12 inches Hg external and 10 psig hydrostatic test. It has a two-compartment tank with a capacity of 40 bbl in the front and 90 bbl in the rear, a Hutch 9700 suspension with eight leaf low arch springs, and two-speed, heavy-duty, high-capacity lift landing gear. A driver-side safety walkway, handrails and ladder allow access to all top manways. The rear of the tank has two 4-inch butterfly valves with a 4-inch belly line connecting all compartments, with a three-way valve near the landing gear. It has a 1- to 2-inch plastic sight glass tube on the driver’s side of each compartment. The exterior is blasted and coated with high-build epoxy primer and color coated with high-solids polyurethane. 713/413-4240;

Heavy sludge vacuum truck

The XVT from GapVax is designed to vacuum and convey heavy sludges such as drilling fluid, grease, septage and wastewater. The deep vacuum power of the positive displacement blower will load quickly, and can also pressure off-load up to 14 psi (rated at 1,400 cfm at 28 inches Hg). The body is constructed of ASTM A-572 Grade 50 steel with payload option from 80 to 100 barrels, with a 40-degree dump angle. The filtration system consists of a 10-micron washable Dacron filter, and has quick access with no tools needed. The full opening tailgate with dual-lift cylinder and field-adjustable locks assures a complete seal. The power dump system makes unloading and clean out of the debris tank easy and fast. Options include a hydroexcavation package, lift axle, integral water tank, safety lighting, storage compartments and heavy-duty rear bumper. 888/442-7829;

Industrial vacuum loader

The NX industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing provides total operator control over working speed. It has a powerful Robuschi blower that delivers 5,435 cfm, with vacuum capabilities up to 28 inches. The large, injection-cooled blower allows the operator to load more material at a lower engine rpm, conserving fuel and reducing noise levels (rated at 88.9 dB per SAE Test J1372), eliminating the need for a sound shroud. The cyclone and bag houses are configured together to maximize efficiency and reduce overall truck weight, without sacrificing loading capacity. An increased filter area combined with offline cleaning extends bag life while forcing carry-over back to the debris tank. 800/627-3171;

Combination jet/vac truck

The Aquatech F-10 from Hi-Vac has a front-mounted 180-degree rotating reel that facilitates easy unit placement. Reel capacity is designed and engineered for up to 800 feet of 1-inch hose. The top-loading boom powers up and down and extends to 26 feet from the pivot point. The single-engine drive dramatically decreases fuel consumption, maintenance expense, weight on the chassis and the initial chassis price. The continuous flow, triplex reciprocating water pump is rated up to 80 gpm at 2,000 psi. An optional unloader valve allows for control of water flow and pressure independent of the vacuum power. Tanks are constructed of high-strength, UV stabilized polyethylene, with optional fixed internal baffled aluminum tanks. 800/752-2400;

Aluminum vacuum trailer

MRK6000 Series aluminum vacuum trailers from Imperial Industries come standard with a 6,000-gallon aluminum tank (6,300-gallon units are available). They feature full-length aluminum hose trays, external ribs, three topside 20-inch aluminum manways, a 12-inch primary with a 4-inch air line, a 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, LED running lights, a Henderson INTRAAX AAT 25K suspension, leveling height control, an air-ride suspension, Haldex slack adjusters and optional full-length catwalk with hand rails. 800/558-2945;

Dry/liquid vacuum truck

The Knight vacuum truck from Keith Huber Corporation combines the ability to efficiently move dry product with the deep vacuum of a 3,700 cfm liquid ring pump. It has a 3,000-gallon carbon steel tank with 5/16-inch shell, nine-stage air inverting cyclone, a baghouse that holds 40 sock filters, a hydraulically operated full-opening rear door with holding valve, a hydraulic tank lift, rear door and tank lift safety prop bars, and 6-inch discharge and intake valves. It is belt driven and powered via the transfer case. Options include ASME/DOT 412 certification, high-pressure jetting systems with integral water compartment, a Huber Lockrear door, stainless steel tank and wetted stainless parts, auxiliary transfer pump, and a top-mounted, hydraulically operated 6-inch boom. 800/334-8237;

Liquid ring vacuum truck

The LLR 3300 liquid ring vacuum truck from Ledwell offers the operator both wet and dry remediation capability, along with either stainless or carbon steel construction. It is certified to ASME/DOT 407/412 for hazmat and hydrocarbon removal capability. Features include a full-opening rear door with front hoist, variable tank capacities, hydroexcavation capability, high-pressure jetting, an auxiliary transfer pump and pressurized off-loading ability. 888/533-9355;

Internally plumbed vacuum truck

The vacuum truck from Pik Rite Inc. has internal plumbing, a 20-inch rear manway with discharge valve and camlock fittings, a vacuum pump and right angle gearbox attached to both frame rails. Additional specs include a 20-inch top manway, a 4-inch liquid-filled vacuum/pressure gauge, a frame-mounted secondary trap for easy access, dual vacuum and pressure reliefs, a 12-inch low-profile primary shut-off with stainless steel float ball, and large easy-to-reach hose hooks. 800/326-9763;

Large hydroexcavation system

The HX-12/27 hydroexcavator from Ramvac has a 12-yard debris tank, a temperature-controlled environmental chamber, and a directional discharge system to off-load debris back into the excavation site when finished. It has a long-range wireless remote, NEMA 4 electrical system, a 400,000 Btu water boiler, a three-stage filtration system and standard 5,400 cfm blower with 27 Hg. It is available with a RamAir air excavation system. 800/323-1604;

Tank lining

Extreme 11-50 rapid-curing pure polyurea lining from Rhino Linings Corporation withstands moisture, humidity and low temperatures even during application. It creates a monolithic, impermeable lining that conforms to any shape and bonds to virtually any substrate. Its elastomeric properties allow for application to surfaces that are subject to vibration, expansion, contraction, movement, flexing, abrasion and impacts. It can be used as a primary secondary containment coating that prevents corrosion and contamination from spills/leaks, all while offering structural integrity to handle heavy vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions. 858/450-0441;

Industrial vacuum loader

The Supersucker HDX industrial vacuum loader from Super Products is equipped with a water system that includes a standard 600-gallon water tank and a hydraulically driven pump that delivers flow up to 14 gpm and pressure up to 3,000 psi. Its 8-foot articulating boom offers 330-degree rotation and a 27-foot reach, and has the ability to pivot 45 degrees upward and 25 degrees downward. An 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides airflow to 5,800 cfm and 28 inches of vacuum. Single-mode filtration enables the loading of both wet and dry material with no changeover required. The durable collector body is constructed of 1/4-inch steel and offers a payload capacity of 18 cubic yards. A heavy-duty, telescoping double-acting cylinder provides a 51-degree dump angle for thorough unloading. An Acculevel load sensor system is optional. 800/837-9711;

All-season hydroexcavator

The HV-145 all-season hydroexcavator from Transway Systems operates at less than 85 dBA. It has a 6,400 cfm, 27-inch Hg high vacuum blower with direct-drive transfer case. Water pressure is achieved with a hydraulically driven triplex pump, delivering 10 gpm at 6,000 psi. Water is supplied from a 1,200-gallon HDPE baffled water tank with 1/2-inch sides and 3/4-inch bottom floor. The 26-foot telescopic boom allows for operation in remote areas. Water is heated with a 525,000 Btu diesel-fired burner for all-weather operation. Components are enclosed in an insulated, heated, walk-in storage enclosure with diesel-fired heater, marine-grade plywood floor and metal components that are powder coated prior to installation. 800/263-4508;

Versatile vacuum loader

The Industrial Vacuum Loader from Vac-Con is available with Hi-Dump and an Automatic Material Return System. Single-mode machines can recover wet or dry material with up to 28 inches Hg. Positive displacement blowers are capable of pulling material as much as 700 feet. It is available with a hydroexcavation package, which adds a powerful, high-pressure water system that works together with the vacuum system to excavate around sensitive underground utilities, locate underground systems and excavate in areas with limited access. 888/491-5762;

High-dump hydroexcavator

AllExcavate hydroexcavators from Vacall – Gradall Industries are available with a cold-weather package that includes heated cabinetry enclosing the boiler, warming the water for hydroexcavation when temperatures drop below freezing. High-dump capability allows the operator to use a wireless remote control to raise the debris tank as much as 76 inches above ground level and then shift the tank horizontally 21 inches beyond the rear bumper, making it possible to dump debris into roll-off containers. They use just one engine for mobility and generating water flow at 10 to 25 gpm and pressures up to 3,000 psi. It can loosen and then remove dirt, rocks and other material from around utility lines and foundations, and perform efficient frac tank clean out. Standard and optional debris bodies and water tanks are available. The AllSmartFlow CANbus intelligent control system is standard, monitoring water usage and minimizing downtime for water tank refills. 800/382-8302;

Liquid vacuum tank unit

The Presvac 3,200-gallon, carbon steel, DOT 407/412-certified, full-open rear door, dump-type liquid vacuum tank from Vacuum Sales has a Presvac PV750 rotary vane vacuum pump, and comes standard on a Peterbilt model 348 cab and chassis, but can be mounted on any specified cab and chassis. Options include high airflow PD blowers, OSHA guard rails on walkways, multiple compartments, high pressure washdown system, high dump design with retractable bumper, larger tank capacities and non-certified tanks. 800/547-7790;

Dump-chute vacuum truck

The Mastervac 5327 DC (dump-chute) vacuum truck from Cusco, Wastequip’s brand for mobile vacuum equipment, self-cleans the cyclone/baghouse filtration system when emptying product from the waste tank. This function eliminates the need to manually clean the filtration system, and gives customers the option to choose which method is better suited to their operation. It is capable of handling both wet and dry materials, making it suitable for anything from heavy sludge to fly ash, in hazardous and nonhazardous applications. It is equipped with air cannon pulsation cleaning system, pressurized air for off-loading and vibration off-load assistance. 800/490-3541;

Water Trucks and Trailers

Durable water truck

Water trucks from PCI Manufacturing come with 2,000- or 4,000-gallon capacities, and are lined with Carboline Phenoline 310 to protect against deterioration. All tanks feature a two-step exterior paint process to ensure durability and aesthetics. Every truck endures rigorous testing. Standard models offer manual controls, hose brackets and tie-downs, and multiple customization options. 800/256-5633;

Bulk Transport

Liquid level monitoring system

The Depth Ray liquid level monitoring and control system from Eldredge Equipment Services Inc. can operate in vacuum or pressure, or in heavy material in mobile or stationary tanks. It contains no rods or floats and is constructed of chemical-resistant components. It features a wireless remote, and optional controls for valves and alarms. Its operation is unaffected by most foam or density. It can be installed simply in any tank or container and exceeds DOT requirements. Several models and options are available. 800/220-2052;

Pneumatic dry bulk trailer

Pneumatic dry bulk trailers from Tremcar are available in 1,000- to 1,850-cubic-foot capacities for transporting cement lime and sand. They feature a smooth aluminum shell and heads, an aluminum ladder, 21-foot aluminum hose tube, LED lights and an INTRAAX suspension with raised center. 888/442-4888;


Pipe inspection camera

The Viztrac Pipe Inspection Camera from Amazing Machinery has a durable 3/8-inch push cable with fiberglass rod inner core, a 20-inch cage reel and attached water-sealed case containing the controls, and a high-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor. It also has a 1-inch powder-coated lay-flat frame with upright carry handle; a 1 3/8-inch O.D. metal camera housing; nine dimmable high-output 5 mm LED lights; high-resolution color camera; scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens; high-grade 512 Hz sonde locator with an average range of 12 to 15 feet; and an integrated digital video recorder with remote control, compatible with most standard SD cards. 800/504-7435;

Portable crawler system

The P350 Flexitrax portable crawler system from Pearpoint/SPX has the simplicity and transportability of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with complex crawler systems. Options include a manual or powered drum, three interchangeable cameras, and a range of wheels, tires, cable length and crawler size. An integrated report writer can create inspection reports on site using the command module. It can be van- or truck-mounted and wheeled onsite using the ergonomic barrow design. Once onsite, the system is quick and easy to set up and deploy. 800/688-8094;

Pipeline Assessment Tools and Software

Tethered leak detector

The Sahara tethered leak-detection tool from Pure Technologies US locates leaks and gas pockets in pressurized pipelines. It gives the operator close control and sensitivity during inspections, with no disruption to regular pipeline service. The sensitive acoustic sensor is able to locate pinhole-sized leaks. The platform also includes inline video to observe live pipe conditions. Surveys are completed while the pipeline remains in service by inserting the sensor through a tap. A small parachute uses the flow of water to draw the sensor through the pipeline while it remains tethered to the surface, allowing for real-time results and tight control. It can be moved back and forth using a winch system to confirm suspected leaks. It combines acoustic leak detection, inline video and tool tracking in one application. 403/266-6794;


Polyethylene resin pipe

Chem Proline polyethylene resin pipe from Asahi/America is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61-G. Fittings possess resistance to slow crack growth. It is a lower-cost alternative to metal, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and lined steel pipe. A complete system includes pipe, fittings and valves. Stocked in pipe sizes up to 12 inches, and available in sizes up to 88 inches, the pipe is suited for use in water treatment and chemical process applications using a variety of chemicals, including sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda and low-concentration acids. 800/343-3618;

PVC-coated conduit and fittings

Calbond PVC-coated conduit and conduit fittings from Calpipe Industries are compliant to industry standards set forth by UL6, NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1. Fittings are double-coated with a nominal 0.002-inch urethane on the interior and exterior before a 0.04-inch PVC coating is applied to the exterior. All conduit bodies are supplied with PVC-coated cast-iron covers with an integrated O-ring seal. 800/225-7473;

Direct groove, two-piece coupling

Rigid and flexible Advanced Groove System couplings from Victaulic are designed for piping systems up to 60 inches, install in less than an hour and offer pressure ratings up to 350 psi. 610/559-3300;

High-density polyethylene pipe

High-performance high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe from WL Plastics Corporation is durable, offering more than 100 years of life in most applications. It’s a fused, leak-free and self-restrained joint, along with being corrosion free and chemically resistant. 682/831-2700;

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