Felling hydraulic detachable gooseneck

The hydraulic detachable gooseneck with oilfield beavertail trailer from Felling Trailers can be loaded from both the front and rear. The detachable gooseneck allows front loading. By dropping the suspension and blocking the beavertail, the trailer can be loaded from the rear. Capacities range from 35 to 60 tons with 2-3 axle configurations. Features include hub piloted wheels, fully sealed wiring, LED lights and air-ride suspension. Options include 9- and 10-foot widths, movable king pin settings, wide load lights, rear lift axles, pin pockets, flip neck extension, full-length wheel covers and pony motor kit. 800/245-2809; www.felling.com.

Eaton wireless Ethernet modem

The ELPRO 450U-E licensed wireless Ethernet modem from Eaton offers long-range communications to extend Ethernet networks in difficult-to-reach locations. Options support 360 to 512 megahertz configurations. 877/386-2273; www.eaton.com.

Atlas Copco WEDA small range pumps

Small range WEDA pumps from Atlas Copco Construction Equipment provide drainage pumping (WEDA04, WEDA08), sludge pumping (WEDA08S) and low suction pumping (WEDA04B). The WEDA04 drainage pump has a 400-watt electric motor, while the WEDA08 has a 750-watt electric motor. A polyurethane semi-vortex impeller reduces the risk of clogging. Both models have built-in motor protection, high torque capacitor and three-terminal automatic cutoff to prevent motor overload. The 400-watt WEDA04B residual pump can pump down to 1 mm of water. The 750-watt WEDA08S sludge pump has a 750-watt electric motor, and vortex cast-iron impeller for handling debris up to 25 mm. 800/732-6762; www.atlascopco.us.

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Vac-Con gasoline auxiliary engine 

The gasoline auxiliary engine from Vac-Con is a replacement for the Tier 4 diesel engine. The Ford V10 gasoline engine meets all horsepower requirements for all water pump options from 30 gpm to 120 gpm and up to 3,000 psi. It weighs the same as a comparable diesel engine and can be modified to run on LP, NG, CNG or LNG. 888/491-5762; www.vac-con.com.

E2S alarm horn sounders

The IS-D105 alarm horn sounder and IS-DL105 combination device from E2S Warning Signals are approved to IECEx and ATEX standards for Zone 0. The alarm sounder and LED beacon can be powered through a single Zener barrier or galvanic isolator, while the audible and visual elements of the IS-DL105 combination model can be controlled individually. 281/377-4401; www.e2swarningsignals.com.

Guardair extended reach safety air gun

Lazer series safety air guns from Guardair Corp. feature ergonomic contoured grips with comfort trigger in palm-switch and pistol-grip style – both available with aluminum extensions from 6 to 72 inches in length. The pneumatic guns also feature all-metal construction, aluminum venturi nozzle and 1/4-inch FNPT inlet. 800/482-7324; www.guardaircorp.com.

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StoneAge hydro-demolition attachment

The Blackhawk BHK-100 hydro-demolition attachment from StoneAge is designed for skid-steers and telehandlers and can be used in vertical and horizontal applications. Controls are integrated into the hydraulics, giving the operator independent control of rotation and traverse speeds to match the variable removal rates of concrete. The system does not damage rebar or negatively affect the integrity of remaining concrete. The waterjet can be precision placed for accurate removal, resulting in surface texture that provides better adhesion for bonding new concrete. 866/795-1586; www.stoneagetools.com.

Honda Power Equipment portable water pumps 

WT series portable water pumps from the Honda Power Equipment Group are designed for pumping water contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones and other waste materials. The pumps feature OHV commercial-grade engines, full protection frame, quick-release clean-out and silicon carbide mechanical seals. They have a conical-shaped, cast-iron impeller for improved priming and durability, replaceable stainless steel wear plates for extended life and cast aluminum housing. The WDP diaphragm pump moves wastewater containing up to 2.4-inch solids and is designed for mining and applications where muddy water, sludge or water with a high percentage of solids might be encountered. 678/339-2600; www.powerequipment.honda.com.

Roxtec bonding and grounding utility vault protection 

The bonding and grounding system from Roxtec protects utility vaults from lightning strikes. The cable entry system is designed to seal large quantities of metal-clad or armored cables using minimal space. It also provides additional protection against weather, blasts, rodents and fire. 800/520-4769; www.roxtec.com.

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Hammond wall-mount enclosures

HWSSHW 304 and 316L stainless steel wall-mount enclosures from Hammond Mfg. are available in 30 sizes, from 24 by 20 by 6 inches to 60 by 36 by 16 inches. Corrosion and chemical resistant, the enclosures are designed for harsh industrial environments. The three-point handle can be padlocked for extra security. 716/630-7030; www.hammondmfg.com.

Trimble universal laser layout tool

The Spectra Precision LT56 automatic, self-leveling universal laser layout tool from Trimble projects three 360-degree planes of ultra-bright laser light. One horizontal plane is intersected by two vertical planes spaced 90 degrees apart. The three planes provide reference for interior layout tasks. The tool is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide from 25 to 45 hours of service. 888/527-3771; www.spectralasers.com.

MOCAP pipe flanges, caps

Pipe and pipe flange protection products from MOCAP include pipe caps, pipe plugs, outside fitting flange protectors, push-in flange protectors and bolt hole flange protectors. The caps and plugs are designed to protect pipes and flanges from moisture, contamination and damage during transit, handling and storage. 800/633-6775; www.mocap.com.

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control dozer

The D51EXi/PXi-22 intelligent Machine Control dozer from Komatsu America Corp. performs both automated rough dozing and finish grading. Designed for the North American market, the dozer features fully automatic blade control. Long track-on ground standard (EX) and low ground pressure (PX) models are available with flotation and weight distribution options. Operating weights range from 27,381 to 29,057 pounds, with a net 130 hp at 2,200 rpm. When rough dozing, the automatic blade control monitors blade load and adjusts blade elevation to minimize track slip. As work progresses closer to the target finish grade, the automatic blade control adjusts accordingly to provide finish grade performance with high-level precision. 847/437-5800; www.komatsuamerica.com.

High Pressure Equipment valves with ergonomic handles

Medium pressure valves with ergonomic handles from High Pressure Equipment Co. have an adjustable stem to eliminate backlash in the connection. The handle is available on 20,000 psi valves in 1/4-, 3/8- and 9/16-inch sizes as well as 15,000 psi NPT connections in 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch sizes. 800/289-7447; www.highpressure.com.

SJE-Rhombus DUO alarm system

The Tank Alert DUO alarm system from SJE-Rhombus monitors two level conditions in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks and sewage. The alarm has red and yellow LED beacons for easy identification. Under high water conditions the alarm buzzer will sound and the red beacon will activate. For alarm two, the buzzer and yellow beacon will activate. The alarm automatically resets when the condition is cleared. The system meets Type 3R water-tight standards and can be used for high level, low level or filter alarms. 888/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.

Oilmen’s safety rail systems 

The safety rail system from Oilmen’s Truck Tanks can be raised and lowered from the ground with the push of a button. Automatic retraction takes place when air brakes are released. The safety rails are available as an option on new truck tanks and trailers, or as a kit for retrofits. 800/859-8265; www.trucktanks.com.

ECCO LED worklamp 

The Equinox line of LED worklamps from ECCO has a polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing and IP67 protection rating. Model EW2102 features Lo-Glo, an illuminated ECCO logo for additional safety as an obstruction marker light. The line also features an amber model for low visibility, such as dust, snow and fog. 800/635-5900; www.ecolink.com.

Rain for Rent stainless steel pump 

The HH160i stainless steel pump from Rain for Rent is designed to produce high discharge heads for mining and dewatering projects. The impellers and shaft are stainless steel for added durability in mine and quarry applications. The pump can handle solids up to 1.5 inches in diameter, flow to 2,800 gpm with heads to 460 feet. 800/742-7246; www.rainforrent.com.

Amthor hydraulic rear door 

The CLAW from Amthor International is a series of hydraulic arms designed to open and close the rear door on vacuum trucks, eliminating the need for wing nuts on the top and sides. The latching system can be used on any code or non-code vacuum truck. 800/328-6633; www.amthorinternational.com.

Thunder Creek DEF transport tote 

The DEF transport tote from Thunder Creek Equipment houses a 50-gallon DEF tank and 2-in-1 DEF pumping system under a lockable, weather-sealed door. The tote can be loaded and secured using the same lift points. 866/535-7667; www.thundercreekequipment.com.

NLB high-pressure small pipe cleaning nozzles

A new line of high-pressure waterjet nozzles from NLB Corp., designed for cleaning small pipes and tubes, are available in five styles and more than 200 models with standard drill patterns. Custom models are available. Included in the new line are standard nozzles for applications requiring 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi or 40,000 psi, multi-row nozzles for applications requiring 15,000 psi, button nozzles for applications requiring 15,000 psi, evaporator nozzles for applications requiring 15,000 or 20,000 psi and rodder nozzles for applications requiring 15,000 or 20,000 psi. 877/652-7796; www.nlbcorp.com.

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