Sioux Corp. steam generator

The SF-50 Steam-Flo steam generator from Sioux Corp. is designed for accelerating the curing process in precast concrete, degassing tanks and thawing frozen pipes. The 50 hp boiler unit (stationary or trailer mounted) produces up to 1,725 pounds per hour of saturated steam vapor. The generator operates at 15 psi and is available with diesel, LP or natural gas-fired burners. 888/763-8833;

Automation Products Group Modbus network display

The Modbus network display from Automation Products Group (APG) can operate in sniffer or master mode to locally display volume, level, distance and/or pressure readings from up to 10 sensors in a Modbus RTU network. Readings are presented as a five-digit display with 0.4-inch characters for at-a-glance readability. 888/525-7300;

NK Technologies power monitoring sensor

The APN series power monitoring sensor from NK Technologies measures three phases of current and voltage and computes 14 values necessary to track power usage in the RS485 Modbus RTU format. The monitor uses current transformers to measure amperes. The line voltage connects directly to the transducer, up to 600 volts AC. 800/959-4014;

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Snap-on rolling toolbox

The Dog Box rolling toolbox from Snap-on Industrial is available in three sizes. The KRDB18 small box (18 inches long, 10 inches wide and 13 1/4 inches tall) and medium-sized KRDB24 (24 by 12  by 12 inches) have an interchangeable steel wagon-style or soft nylon handle. The KRDB265 large box (26 by 14 3/4 by 17 1/4 inches) has five drawers while the KRDB269 has nine drawers. Both models come with a wagon-style handle. 262/656-5337;

Honda GXR120 rammer engine

The GXR120 general-purpose engine from Honda is designed for equipment used to compact soil or other granular material. The engine has a displacement of 121cc and can power 110- to 175-pound rammers at multiple altitudes. The cast-iron cylinder sleeve and carbon-steel, dual ball bearing crankshaft provide improved engine strength for rammer applications. 678/339-2600;

Blackmer sliding vane pumps  

XL Series sliding vane pumps from Blackmer are designed to meet the unique handling characteristics of crude oil produced from shale formations. The pumps are available in five sizes (1.25 to 4 inches) with flow rates from 17 to 345 gpm and working pressures up to 350 psi in temperatures to 300 degrees F. 616/241-1611;

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Gehl Z45 compact excavator  

The Z45 GEN:2 compact excavator from Gehl has a 37.7 hp electronically controlled Yanmar Tier 4 emissions-certified diesel engine that consumes 20 percent less fuel than previous models. The excavator weighs 10,417 pounds, has a digging depth of 11 feet 7.8 inches and bucket breakout force of 6,497 pounds. 800/628-0491;

Tadano rough terrain crane  

The GR-150XL rough terrain crane from Tadano America Corp. has a 15-ton capacity and six-section, full-power, synchronized telescoping boom that extends 17.4 to 78 feet and an 11.8- or 18-foot, two-stage offset jib. Both crane and drive operations can be performed from the cab, mounted on a rotating superstructure. 281/869-0030;

Conveyor Components belt alignment  

The Model VA belt alignment control from Conveyor Components features a conveyor roller with sealed bearings, four bar linkage and double pole/double throw microswitch. The roller detects belt runoff and triggers the first pole of the microswitch to sound a warning alarm, illuminates an indicator light or stops the conveyor when the vertical belt strays beyond 10 degrees from horizontal. The second pole is triggered when the belt strays 25 degrees from horizontal and can be wired to stop the conveyor motor. 800/233-3233;

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Kohler mobile generators  

The mobile generator line from Kohler Power Systems includes 11 diesel gensets ranging from 35 kVA to 680 kVA and four liquid-propane gensets, ranging from 30 kVA to 125 kVA. The mobile diesel generators are Tier 4 compliant and feature Kohler’s KDI engine (35 to 70 kVA models). 800/544-2444;

Felling Trailers bi-fold ramp option  

The hydraulic bi-fold ramp option from Felling Trailers extends an 11-foot bi-fold ramp. When used with Felling’s double incline Beavertail, the ramp creates an 8-degree load angle for low-clearance equipment. The hydraulic bi-fold ramps are available in 45-inch and full-width options on all Low Pro Tag trailers and MX-Series semi trailers. 800/245-2809;

KNIPEX Tools X-Cut pliers

X-Cut pliers from KNIPEX Tools have a compact, box-joint diagonal cutter. The box-joint design adds stability and eliminates backlash, while the slim shape provides access in confined areas. The pliers cut through fine strands similar to hard piano wire as well as multi-strand cables. 847/398-8520;

HammerHead wet-out table  

The pneumatically-controlled wet-out table from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment features a powered conveyor system, enabling rollers to be raised or lowered to a preset gap, while variable-speed controls, forward and reverse operation offer ease of installation. The table is designed for 2- to 12-inch diameter liners. A roller bed attachment is available. 800/331-6653;

EZstrip TR Muncher grinder

The EZstrip TR Muncher grinder from Moyno features equal thrust offset cutters that capture and reduce large solids for maceration. The angled cutter stack and upflow design rejects hard objects, reducing the risk of damage to the cutter teeth. Other features include built-in trash trap with clean-out ports, low cutter tip speeds, low power and low noise level. 877/486-6966;

Chemineer static mixer

The Kenics KMX-V static mixer from Chemineer is designed for fluids with extreme viscosity or volume ratios. Features include cross-stream mixing and flow splitting for rapid blending. Other features include proprietary V-shaped blades, liquid dispersion/gas-liquid contacting, standard dimensions to 24 inches, injectors designed to optimize process and high volumetric flow ratios. 800/643-0641;

BOMAG vibratory tampers

BT60, BT65 and BVT65 vibratory tampers from BOMAG Americas include cover and guards for engine protection, dual air and fuel filter system (single air filter for BVT65), hour meter and tachometer with integrated service indicator (optional on BVT65). The BT60 weighs 128 pounds and delivers up to 3,372 pounds of impact force. The BT65 weighs 150 pounds and produces 3,822 pounds of force. The BVT65 weighs 143 pounds and delivers 3,597 pounds of impact force. 800/782-6624;

Benko railcar access platform

GREEN railcar access platforms from Benko Products can be customized to meet the demands of any size operation. The access and fall protection line includes flat ramp, telescoping and self-leveling stair gangways, truck and railcar loading racks, stationary and portable platforms, loading/vapor arms, spill containment pans, portable transloading carts, horizontal lifeline systems, caged ladders, pipe racks and custom structures. 440/934-2180;

Makita rotary hammers

HR2611F pistol grip and HR2621 D-handle 1-inch rotary hammers from Makita U.S.A. feature Anti-Vibration Technology, an internal counterbalance system, and deliver 2.1 ft-lbs of impact, as well as three-mode operation: rotation only, hammering with rotation or chipping only. Additional features include sequential impact timing, variable-speed trigger and 40 bit angle settings. Applications include overhead drilling into concrete, wood and metal. 800/462-5482;

Vanair rotary screw air compressor  

The Viper diesel 80 cfm at 100 psi rotary screw air compressor from Vanair Manufacturing is designed to operate 90-pound jackhammers as well as 1 1/2-inch impact wrenches and piercing tools. Features include automatic variable throttle control to minimize fuel consumption, 48 cfm at idle, auto engine-off and restart based on air demand, Tier 4 certified Kubota engine and access to air power and restart based on air demand. 800/526-8817;

SEI bladder fuel tank monitoring

The TacFuels monitoring system from Varec, available through SEI Industries, monitors fuel volumes from remote locations in real time. The system includes data collection units, flowmeters and fuel gauges, along with a mobile laptop and hand-held computers with proprietary software. Features include leak detection alarm, overfill alarm and auditable inventory management. 855/734-8265;

Spire Metering ultrasonic flowmeter 

The RH40 hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter from Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, is designed to deliver fast, nonintrusive flow and energy measurement across an array of pipe sizes (0.5 to 120 inches in diameter) and applications. Weighing 1 pound, the meter has Bluetooth interface and smartphone or PC connectivity for data downloading, visualization and analysis. 888/738-0188;

Franklin Electric submersible pumps

SR Series submersible pumps from Franklin Electric are designed for municipal and industrial applications. Features include fully welded impellers and diffusers. Available in two models, the 6-inch pump delivers flow up to 400 gpm, while the 8-inch pump delivers up to 650 gpm. 866/271-2859;

Reelcraft stainless steel hose reel  

The hand-crank HS37000 L hose reel from Reelcraft holds 100 feet of 1-inch hose. Made of corrosion-resistant 304L grade stainless steel, the reel, rated at 500 psi, features a stainless steel brake, welded drum and vibration-proof fasteners. Two motor-drive models are available (12-volt DC explosion proof and 115-volt AC). 800/444-3134;

Coxreels full-flow fluid path

Model 1175 and 1185 Series reels from Coxreels feature a swept outlet riser for maximum full-flow fluid path. Other features include one-piece, all-welded A-frame base designed to handle 1- and 1 1/2-inch I.D. hose. 800/269-7335;

Optronics combo lamp

The 9-inch, half-inch thick STL68 Combo Lamp from Optronics International is a combination LED stop, tail, turn and backup light that mounts to the vehicle surface. 800/364-5483;

McElroy shelter and pipe-handling system

The QuickCamp shelter and pipe-handling system from McElroy Manufacturing enables operators to butt fuse polyethylene pipe from 8-inch IPS to 36-inch O.D. within a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure. A single operator can load and align pipe by remote control from inside the shelter with the MegaMc PolyHorse. The 21-foot-8-inch by 24-foot-7-inch shelter houses a hydraulically-powered 1236/900 or 824/630 fusion carriage with room for an office, breakroom or storage. It also includes electrical outlets and can be set up by two people. 918/836-8611;

Isuzu 2014, 2015 N-Series diesel models

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America introduced its lineup of 2014 and 2015 model year N-Series diesel trucks. The 2014 NPR ECO-Max features increased frontal area, enabling non-air-deflector models to handle bodies with inside heights up to 85 inches. The 2015 NPR-HD, NQR and NRR models feature the 4J 3.0 liter, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with Denso air conditioning compressor, along with 19.5-inch Bridgestone M895 low rolling resistant tires for improved fuel efficiency. 866/441-9638;

John Deere payload scale

The LOADRITE L2180 payload scale from John Deere, in association with Trimble, is designed for four-wheel-drive loaders with the JDLink Ultimate telematics system. Available on 444K and 844K models, the scale gives quarry and aggregate operations real-time access to total bucket loads, trucks loaded and totals by material. The cab monitor accommodates an optional printer for outputting load tickets or end-of-shift reports in the field. 800/503-3373;

Guardair pneumatic Gun Vac

The pneumatic Flexible Gun Vac from Guardair Corp. has an 18-inch by 1 5/16-inch O.D. tapered flexible metal extension. The tapered vacuum inlet accepts standard 1 1/4-inch vacuum accessories. The unit is designed for industrial cleaning and includes comfort grip, filtration collection bag and dual 1/4-inch FNPT air inlets (bottom and rear). 800/482-7324;

Ox Bodies Stampede Ultralight dump bodies

The Stampede Ultralight series of dump bodies from Ox Bodies is approximately 20 percent lighter than similarly configured Stampede HD bodies. Designed for hauling sand, small aggregate and asphalt, bodies are available in 96- and 102-inch widths, side heights of 36 and 46 inches, lengths of 10 to 21 feet and capacities from 6.9 to 19 cubic yards. 800/844-2519;

Go Power flexible solar panels

Solar Flex solar panels from Go Power use monocrystalline cells to produce portable battery regeneration power for work truck and over-the-road fleet vehicles. The GP-FLEX panels require no mounting bracket or framework. The 3 mm-thick panels can be configured to generate a battery charging range of 1.7 to 100 amps per hour. The system includes panels, solar controllers that prevent battery overcharging, wiring harness and EX1050 absorbed glass mat deep-cycle battery bank. 866/247-6527;

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