Ergodyne ProFlex kneeling pad

The ProFlex 375 orange compact kneeling pad from Ergodyne fits in most standard tool bags and boxes, while the orange color makes it easily identifiable. The 8- by 18-inch compact pad and 14- by 21-inch standard size kneeling pad are made from silicone-free nitrile butadiene rubber. The closed-cell foam is nonconductive and resistant to petroleum-based substances. 800/225-8238;

Hi-Vac O’Brien 7000-T hydrojetter  

The O’Brien 7000-T hydrojetter from Hi-Vac Corp. is designed for truck-mounted applications. Features include flow ranges of 18 to 65 gpm, 2,000 to 4,000 psi, 700-gallon polyethylene water tanks, triplex pump and hydraulic-driven reel with variable-speed control. The hydrojetter is powered by a water-cooled diesel engine with 17-gallon fuel tank. 800/752-2400;

NK Technologies APT power transducers  

APT Series power transducers from NK Technologies measure three phases of current and voltage, producing an industry standard analog signal proportional to the watts used. They are externally powered, offering 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output. The transducers can be configured to accept 5 A secondary current transformers or ProteCT low-voltage output sensors. 800/959-4014;

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Optronics LED series lamps

ONE Series LED lights from Optronics International are available in single-diode 4-inch round and 6-inch oval stop, tail and turn lamps. The lights meet FMVSS 108 photometric requirements for visibility and safety. 800/364-5483;

Franklin Electric submersible turbines

STS Series submersible turbine pumps by Franklin Electric are designed for harsh environments. Features include ductile iron bowls, discharges, motor brackets, investment cast 304SS impellers, lengthened bronze discharge bearing and bronze motor bracket bearing, as well as custom options. 866/271-2859;

Atlas Copco operator simulator

The SmartROC T operator simulator from Atlas Copco uses controls identical to those on drilling equipment. Mounted on a motion platform, the simulator has a predesigned learning pass to give students step-by-step instructions on operational best practices. The optional Master Driller training package (bronze, silver, gold) takes the operator from classroom to simulator to training on drilling equipment. 800/732-6762;

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SEI collapsible gasoline fuel bladder

The Jungle King-Gas collapsible fuel bladder from SEI Industries is designed to store gasoline, gasohol or gasoline with ethanol in jungle environments. Features include a polyester-based polyurethane inner coating and polyether-based polyurethane outer coating. Radio-frequency welds ensure the inside coating doesn’t meet the outside environment. The fully collapsible bladder is available in sizes from 250 to 30,000 gallons. 855/734-8265;

Pettibone Cary-Lift overhead load handler

The Cary-Lift 154 load handler from Pettibone has a 15,000-pound load capacity and maximum lift height of 14 feet. Powered by a 160 hp Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 3 diesel engine, the load handler features four-wheel-drive with two-wheel, four-wheel and crab hydraulic power steering modes. The 10-foot wheelbase enables it to turn in a 16-foot-7-inch radius. 800/467-3884;

Knipex Tools Alligator pliers

Alligator XL water pump pliers from Knipex Tools have a forged box-joint design that locks on pipes and nuts. The 16-inch pliers have a thin head and joint to fit into tight locations. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the pliers have 11 notch adjustments for up to 3 1/2-inch gripping capacity. 847/398-8520;

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Konecranes ATL vertical lifter

The ATL vertical lifter from Konecranes has a lifting capacity of 3,527 pounds (1,600 kg) and features pneumatic balance controls or electrical chain hoists. 800/934-6976;

StoneAge 2-inch Badger pipe-cleaning tool

The redesigned 2-inch Badger (BA-LK) pipe-cleaning tool from StoneAge has a locking head that can only be removed with a disassembly tool. Designed for cleaning 2- to 4-inch tubes and pipes with bends and long radius elbows, the nozzle head has forward jets at 15, 30 and 45 degrees, two jets at 90 degrees and two back jets at 132 degrees. 866/795-1586;

ExakTime Mobile 2.0 for Apple devices

The Mobile 2.0 time tracking app from ExakTime, for all IOS devices including Apple iPhone and iPad products, features Team View, a GPS-enabled oversight option that enables a supervisor to view a map showing the clock-in coordinates of all company employees. 877/435-6411;

HammerHead lateral pipe lining trailer

The HydraLiner lateral pipe lining and bursting trailer from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment features resin racks, swing-out halogen work light, 7,500-watt generator, Line-X lined floors, insulated walls and ceilings, 30-gallon 7 cfm air compressor, toolbox, air conditioning units with heat strips, LED lighting, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, work tables and storage. The 18-foot Gold package includes steel frame with Armaguard Frame protection and Z-tech undercoating. The 26-foot Platinum aluminum trailer includes a climate-controlled epoxy resin closet and 3/4-inch white interior walls protected by a 24-inch kick plate. Customization is available. 800/331-6653;

Hyundai Construction Equipment backhoe

The H930C backhoe from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has an operating weight of 14,881 pounds and is powered by an 87 hp Tier 2 1104C-44T engine. The backhoe has a bucket capacity of 28.3 cubic feet, trenching bucket capacity of 6 feet and digging depth of 14 feet 3 inches. Options include load-sensing hydraulic system, adjustable flow control, and ISO and SAE operator control patterns. 877/509-2254;

Makita LXT cordless recipro saw

The XRJ01/Z LXT series cordless recipro saw from Makita U.S.A. is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. It weighs 3.9 pounds and has a dual-position on/off switch for paddle or trigger operation. Designed for cutting PVC, copper pipe and conduit, it has an 11-inch stroke, 2-inch cutting depth and delivers 3,000 strokes per minute. 800/462-5482;

Force Control coupler brake

The double C-face coupler brake from Force Control Industries mounts on the drive end of a standard C-Face motor, replacing the motor brakes. 513/868-0900;

Philatron corrosion-resistant power cable

Corrosion-resistant Stallion ABS power cable from Philatron Wire and Cable has an outer jacket made from a military-grade polymer that resists road salts, chemicals and abrasions. The polycarbonate plugs won’t corrode or freeze to sockets. 800/967-9147;

ProSoft industrial cellular gateway

The ICX30-HWC industrial cellular gateway from ProSoft Technology provides wireless Ethernet and serial connectivity to remote devices and equipment over 3G cellular service, including PLCs, RTUs, DCS systems, electronic billboards and communication towers. Remote devices are accessed using secure VPN tunnels over Internet connections. 661/716-5100;

McElroy socket fusion tool

The 15-pound Spider 125 socket fusion tool with universal clamping from McElroy Manufacturing is designed for polypropylene pipe installation in overhead, vertical and tight work spaces. The clamping feature eliminates the need for inserts. An assortment of heaters and heater adapters for 63 to 125 mm (2.48 to 4.92 inches) diameter pipes are available. 918/836-8611;

Conveyor Components bin level control

The CR Roto-Level Control from Conveyor Components Co. protects against material overflow, empty bins, abnormal levels and plugged chutes. The low-torque motor drives a paddle sensor that continuously rotates inside the bin until it detects material. When material surrounds the paddle, microswitches are activated to signal audible or visual warnings to stop operation. The paddle resumes turning once bin material is cleared and the microswitches are deactivated. 800/233-3233;

ECCO wireless reversing camera

The EC5605-WK wireless reversing camera system from ECCO Safety Group includes 5.6-inch LCD touch-screen color monitor and CMOS color infrared camera. The system delivers high-quality images in low light conditions and can be expanded to four cameras. 800/635-5900;

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