The flexible, versatile FlexiROC T45 tophammer drill rig from Atlas Copco CMT is fuel efficient, as the speed of the engine, compressor and radiator fan adjust automatically depending on the operating mode. Three variable-displacement hydraulic pumps help reduce engine load; the flushing airflow and the speed of the dust collection fan motor also can be adjusted by the operator as needed. It has a track frame designed for quarrying and mining applications. It has a long boom reach and low center of gravity, and is equipped with a COP 2560 rock drill on the folding boom version, and a COP 3060 on the fixed boom version. The COP 3060 has an updated dampening function and accumulator design, a closed-loop rock drill lubrication collection system for cleaner operations, and an optional 400 cc rotation motor to deliver more torque. 800/732-6762;

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