The Kill Tank Trailer from Fortitude Manufacturing has a capacity of 5,460 gallons, with design pressure of 5 psi internal, 12 inches Hg external and 10 psig hydrostatic test. It has a two-compartment tank with a capacity of 40 bbl in the front and 90 bbl in the rear, a Hutch 9700 suspension with eight-leaf low-arch springs, and two-speed, heavy-duty, high-capacity lift landing gear. A driver-side safety walkway, handrails and ladder allow access to all top manways. The rear of the tank has two 4-inch butterfly valves with a 4-inch belly line connecting all compartments, with a three-way valve near the landing gear. It has a 1- to 2-inch plastic sight glass tube on the driver’s side of each compartment. The exterior is blasted and coated with high-build epoxy primer and color coated with high-solids polyurethane. 713/413-4240;

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