If you’re tired of hearing nothing but bad about the industry, it’s time to do something about it.

Oil and gas companies face an uphill battle when it comes to public perception, that’s no secret.

There are those who believe that all the oil and gas industry wants to do is exploit resources and destroy the environment. There are those who believe that operators are nothing more than fat old white men with the single goal of driving up prices and stuffing their wallets.

Anyone who has worked in this industry for any amount of time knows how much companies contribute to the communities in which they operate. Unfortunately, those facts don’t always reach the newspaper pages or television news broadcasts each night.

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While some in the industry are happy enough just staying quiet and doing their jobs, others are starting to step up to the challenge to shift perceptions and show the truth about oil and gas.

Many of these companies are doing it through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn. Social media can be a scary place for anyone, especially a company in an industry with so many detractors waiting to pounce on their every move, but there are still companies out there showing the good things.

“Social media is the perfect place for brands to foster relationships,” says Lanie James, digital communications strategist at Chesapeake Energy. “Forward-thinking oil and gas companies can leverage social networks to demonstrate their value to the communities where they operate. This will build trust and help Americans to see how important our businesses are to the economy – both locally and nationally.”

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One such company doing this already is featured in this month’s issue of Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor. CMS Oilfield Services, located in Ohio, has a strong presence on all of those forms of social media listed above. Just go to the company’s Facebook page or Instagram and Twitter feeds and you’ll see pictures of their employees hard at work, smiling and doing what they do best.

CMS posts positive stories about the industry and keeps their employees involved in the social media world by letting them take their own photos to show followers what they do on a daily basis.

Another company mentioned in this month’s “Eye on the Industry” – Water Rescue Services in Fort Worth, Texas – is also active on Facebook. Water Rescue Services tends to post positive stories about fracking and how reusing water can be good for the industry, showing its followers and others on Facebook a positive side to the industry.

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If you want to start changing public perception, you need to get the positive news out there any way you can – issuing press releases to local media, posting regularly on social media and getting involved in community events like parades, festivals and more.

Also in this issue we roll out a new feature, “Canadian Extra,” which focuses on companies helping the oil industry in Canada. This month we feature the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants and highlight the work they do and its importance to the oil industry.

If you know of a Canadian company that would be good to feature, drop me an email and tell me why you think they’d be a good fit. Email me at editor@gomcmag.com or call me at 800/257-7222.

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