Pump deployed to move potash mine brine water 3 miles

Problem: When a potash mine in the southwest U.S. was in the middle of expanding operations, a pump capable of moving water 3 miles to new 5-million-gallon holding ponds was needed. Because the mine uses fully saturated brine water to float the mined potash, a pump capable of handling highly corrosive liquids was necessary.

Solution: Rain for Rent deployed the XH150c pump because of its ability to handle corrosive water and pump long distances at higher flows. The pump is designed to produce extra-high discharge heads and high flows. It offers flow rates up to 3,250 gpm and 625 feet of head.

Result: The corrosive brine water was no issue for the pump’s CD4MCu wet end and stainless steel internals. A single pump was able to handle the flow and friction loss of the pipeline. The 2,000 gpm peak flow of brine water was managed, allowing the mine to continue its expanded operation. 800/742-7246; www.rainforrent.com.

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