The D.O.T. trailer-mounted MCT-1000 HVU Sandman drill fluid mixing and cleaning system from Mud Technology International is designed for smaller mobile drilling operations (4,000- to 8,000-foot wells). The unit sets up in one day and processes 1,000 gpm.

“We’ve taken the big mud recycling mixing systems and reduced them down to a more compact, easier to haul and manage system,” says John Miller, CEO for Mud Technology International. “We match it so all components complement each other and produce what we call a closed-loop system. One hundred percent of the fluids and solids are processed through the mud system, eliminating the need for a reserve kit.”

The filtering system is mounted on a rock-over design trailer (about 50 feet long, 10 feet wide and less than 13 feet 6 inches tall when hauling). It has a three-section tank (about 375 barrels) with clean-outs on the shaker discharge side and 1-inch bar grating covering open areas on top. All plumbing is hard piped. Hydraulic landing legs help ease loading and unloading.

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“Once this unit is washed down and ready to move, you raise the trailer and back the truck underneath,” Miller says. “Lower the trailer onto the truck, plug in your air lines, plug in your lights and you’re ready to roll. You don’t have to disassemble all the components to move to the next job or reassemble when you get there.”

The complementary drill rig unit connects to the site’s main power system and includes a 110-volt step-down transformer mounted to the unit. Collapsible work lights assist with night operation. Mixing features include a high-shear/low-pressure hopper, replaceable venturi, submersed jet guns for maximum shear, independent on/off controls for each gun jet and optional mud agitators.

Four pump packages pressure feed fluid to the de-silter cones, the de-sander cones, the mud hopper and the triplex.

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The unit has two MTLS-3P high G-force shakers, one MTLS-3P shaker under the de-sander cones and one MTLS-3P shaker under the de-silter cones. Other features include an 8-inch drilling mud inlet, pre-tensioned panel shaker screens, 100 square feet of screening area and cement bypass piping on the shaker.

“We put two scalping shakers on this unit,” Miller says. “I’m a proponent that if you can’t get the mud into this system, you can’t process it.” 866/675-3240;

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