The ToteBlaster (Gamajet IX) from Gamajet, part of the Alfa Laval Group, quickly scours stubborn residue from intermediate bulk container tote interiors. Its 7.5-foot cleaning radius and vertical jetting action reaches upper corners and other areas that a pressure washer or brush might not. The 9-inch-long ToteBlaster fits through a 3-inch opening, weighs about 4 pounds and can clean totes up to 8 feet tall.

“The real advantage of a Gamajet is the 360-degree cleaning pattern,” says Andrew Delaney, vice president of operations at Alfa Laval. “You clean every possible area on the inside of the tote every time.”

When used with the ToteBlast Station cleaning system, a 4- by 4-foot tote (275 to 330 gallons) can typically be cleaned in less than four minutes. The ToteBlast Station includes the Gamajet IX cleaning unit, vertical multistage pump (TEFC standard, XP optional), starter panel and timer (NEMA 4X enclosed), insertion tube, customized tote cover, flanges and hoses.

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“You set the unit in the tote and push a button on the ToteBlast Station,” Delaney says. “There’s a timer in the control panel that’s set based on what you’re cleaning.”

The Gamajet’s thorough cleaning action reduces the chance of cross contamination and eliminates potential chargebacks on returned totes.

“In the oil, gas and mining industries, you really have to worry about cross-contamination issues,” he says. “A lot of the substances inside those totes are hazardous. So if you don’t get them clean, there are added costs involved with shipping hazardous materials.”

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The ToteBlaster provides about 1,000 hours of cleaning action between maintenance (repair kit available). The mechanical seal in the vertical pump is the only other wear item and can last 1,000 hours, depending on use.

The ToteBlast Station is available in three standard pump/motor options for cleaning powder residues (11 gpm, 90 psi), liquid residues (12 gpm, 200 psi) and dried residues (19 gpm, 200 psi).

“Typically when we sell a ToteBlast Station we look at what debris we’re cleaning,” Delaney says. “The max gallons per minute you want to put into a tote is 19 gpm. And that’s mainly because you can’t drain the tote fast enough before it starts filling with water.”

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The ToteBlaster (operating temperature of 32 to 250 degrees F) has a pressure range of 50 to 1,000 psi and can be designed for specific cleaning needs. Dried latex paint, for example, can be removed with 600 psi.

“That’s the worst case scenario,” Delaney says. “For a typical tote containing oils or sludges, it’s going to be around 200 psi, which gets enough velocity for the jet stream to effectively clean.” 877/426-2538;

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