The 137BBL Low-Profile Non-Code Vacuum Tank Trailer from Dragon Products has a capacity of 5,754 gallons, with a design pressure of 15 psi internal, 22 inch/Hg external, and 45 psig hydrostatic test. It has four manways, all domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts and one in rear head. It has a ball-type primary shut-off in the front manway, and ball-type secondary on the driver’s side front with drain. Its over-turn protection includes three tombstones located at front, middle and rear on top of tank. It has a Watson Chalin Integra TI300 (lightweight integrated) air-ride suspension, 30,000 pounds per axle, tandem axle. The unit has steel grit blast coating on all steel surfaces, painted metallic silver with high-solids polyurethane. 877/231-8198;

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