The Style 31 AWWA Coupling from Victaulic can be installed in rigid or flexible configurations, creating rigid joints comparable to a flanged joint or flexible joint that permits controlled movement and attenuates system vibration. It is assembled by positioning the gasket and coupling housings on the pipe ends, and tightening the bolts and nuts with standard hand tools or an impact wrench. Rigidity is achieved with a longer gasket seat on the pipe, the distance between the pipe end and the groove. Flexibility is achieved by using a shorter gasket seat. It accommodates pipe movement and attenuates vibration while maintaining a positive seal and a self-restrained joint. Multiple couplings placed in close proximity to mechanical equipment attenuate system vibration. It is available in 3- to 36-inch sizes, and is supplied with a Grade “M” halogenated butyl FlushSeal gasket. 610/559-3300;

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