The Prospector Hot Oiler hose from Continental ContiTech is designed to handle the high-pressure transfer of hot oil to specially designed trucks on well drilling sites. The oil is used to clear paraffin wax from inside the casings to help start the flow of fluid to the surface.

“Due to the hose being laid across well sites, abrasion resistance and oil resistance are critical attributes of this product,” says David Brinkman, market manager, hydraulics and oil/gas programs, Continental ContiTech. “There are high-temperature requirements, length requirements and flexibility requirements that the hose must meet. Since vehicles are not permitted within the fenced area, having 150-foot hose lengths gives you the ability to make two of the standard 75-foot length assemblies and get exactly the footage you need to make the assemblies as you need them.”

The hose features a black, oil- and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber cover reinforced with two braids of high-tensile steel wire to withstand harsh working conditions. Fittings used in this application are National Pipe Thread (NPT) male American Petroleum Institute (API) and 1502 hammer union fittings. The hose has a temperature range of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 275 F continuous and 300 F intermittently.

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“It sounds very simple, but it’s a niche application that our sales team was able to identify,” Brinkman says. “There were some gaps in performance and length tolerances that we were able to capitalize on.”

The hose has an inside diameter of 1 1/2 inches and maximum outside diameter of 2 1/5 inches. Minimum burst is 8,750 psi. 800/235-4632;

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