The X-Change module (X-CM) diamond core bit by Hilti is designed for coring through concrete and masonry. Its modular design makes it easy to remove stuck cores and bits.

“It’s fairly common for the core to become stuck in the bit,” says David Walker, diamond business unit manager, Hilti. “With traditional core bits, contractors would hammer on the barrel trying to dislodge the core, which takes time and eventually damages the bit. With this, you simply remove the module and the core slides out.”

Bits that become lodged can be separated from the module, the core broken and the bit reconnected to the module to continue coring.

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Worn bits can be re-tipped in minutes using a screwdriver, saving time and the cost of replacing the entire core.

“The feature that makes the core bit different from any diamond core bit ever built before is the business end with the diamond segments that can be removed in the field or at a workbench with a simple flat-head screwdriver,” he says. “When the teeth of the core are worn out you don’t need to throw it away and buy an entirely new bit. You can keep one or two as a backup in a job box or a truck so you always have a backup.”

The LCS X-CM module can be used for wet coring and dry hand-held coring in un-reinforced masonry by changing to the LM module.

Modules are available in 2- to 8-inch diameters with 12- and 17-inch barrels that are built to last the life of three modules. 800/879-8000;

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