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Smart Software: Drone Evolution

A new software application paired with a smart drone will make it easier for oil and gas companies to keep an eye on their operations. Utilizing an innovative aerial analytics package allows you to do everything from photographing pipelines to capturing data in order to create 3-D models and maps. Check out this online story about the technology that is changing the way people will think about professional mapping drones.

News You Need: Industry Updates

Check every week for news you need to know, on everything from pipeline progress to the rig count and regulation battles. Updates on major acquisitions and other events happening in the industry appear frequently as well.

Versatility is Key: Weathering a Declining Market

Times are challenging for hydroexcavators working in the gas and oil industry. Companies nationwide are cutting back on work and new projects, leaving hydroexcavation contractors with less work to do. See what company managers have to say about the changes they’re making to keep their core staff employed and their business successful, including breaking into other industries, in this exclusive online story.

Overheard Online

“I was really shocked that the two commissioners and the mayor didn’t entertain any discussion or compromise or really make any effort to appease the needs of industry.”

- What’s Next for Williston Crew Camps?

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