The Inverter Charger 2000 from Go Power is a three-in-one system that combines inverter, battery charger and an automatic transfer switch into one powerful and lightweight unit. Two 50-amp legs set its performance apart from common 30-amp inverters. The configuration allows users to make full use of a 50-amp shore power service (240 volt) by drawing up to 12,000 watts of power. It is compatible with all 30-amp services. It has a 2,000-watt pure sine wave inverter, with 3,400-watt surge (five seconds); a high inverter efficiency of 90 percent; a 100-amp battery converter/charger; 100-amp automatic transfer switch (50 amps per leg at 240 volts AC); built-in handles that offer easier handling during installation; a corrected power factor; and industry-standard protection features. It meets UL 458 with marine supplement. It can be combined with the IC Series digital remote panel for complete control and monitoring. 866/247-6527;

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