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Payroll Problems: Taking Care of Business

Are you just getting by when it comes to managing your company’s payroll? It can be a complicated process. Dealing with taxes, withholdings, garnishments, insurance benefits and more can get overwhelming once your business grows beyond a handful of employees. Read up on why using a third-party payroll service is a no-brainer for many business owners.

Overheard Online

“Actually experiencing it and living (in the Bakken) for two years and being with these guys, the brotherhood of working together was really a big thing that got us through a lot of these things.”

- Bakken Brotherhood: Oil Boom Boys

Fighting Foliage: Plant Management

One oilfield service that may be overlooked is vegetation removal. Excess vegetation on a lease property is a safety hazard and can interfere with operations. Pride Upkeep provides vegetation control on leases of all sizes. Days are long and the work is hard but the owners take pride in keeping busy and being successful. Find out more online.

Setting the Standard: Culture of Safety

This month’s featured company, R.P. Oilfield Service, hasn’t had a lost-time incident in 14 years. An impressive record like that comes from constantly fostering a safety-first mindset – it doesn’t happen by accident. Read more on how the company strives for workplace safety excellence in this exclusive online story.


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