The 2100 Plus sewer cleaner from Vactor Manufacturing has a single-engine, dual-stage fan configuration, with a 10-foot telescopic boom option on the 2100 Plus PD truck. It has an easy-load, fast-dump debris body, Modul-Flex design system and multistage blower filtration system. The fan model has a single engine design that takes advantage of the unused power available in the chassis engine. A closed-loop hydrostatic drive system powers the fan vacuum. The controls have components designed to give the operator power only when and where they need it, while offering a simple interface. The front operator control panel has two selector switches for the fan drive — on/off and mode (low/medium/high). The 10-foot telescoping boom (tube within tube, box beam within box beam) retracts a minimum of 10 feet without affecting the vertical position of the pickup tubes while enhancing reach and productivity. 800/627-3171;

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