Founded in 1938 in Huntley, Neb., Allmand Bros. Inc., celebrates 75 years in the manufacturing business as it has grown to become the industry’s innovative leader in portable lighting, heating and traffic safety equipment.

In the midst of the Great Depression, and unable to afford a new arc welder for their repair shop, brothers Leslie and Walter Allmand built their own. It worked so well that their neighbors asked the brothers to build welders for them, and the business was born.

Fast-forward to 1954, when Allmand developed the “Contractor’s Lantern,” the industry’s first portable light tower. From this humble origin today’s light tower industry began, and Allmand continues its tradition of innovation.

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Allmand was the first to use 1,000-watt metal halide lighting in a light tower application, the first to use parallel lamp fixtures and the first to develop and use the high-efficiency SHO compact parallel lamp fixture. Adding to this list of firsts, Allmand was also the first to offer the LSC-100 light sequence control that allows unattended sequential startup and shutdown of the light tower systems.

Today, Allmand is the only manufacturer to offer the SHO-HD 1,250-watt engineered metal halide lighting system with an unparalleled 150,000 lumens per fixture, providing a bright, true-to-life light. The SHO-HD system is standard on all domestic Night-Lite PRO II and Maxi-Lite models. Allmand is also the only manufacturer to develop and introduce the V-Series light tower in North America.

The innovative six-section V-Series tower remains in the vertical position as it extends and retracts, and does not lay down across the top of the trailer nor extend past the rear of the trailer, making it safer and easier to move, and taking up less space in storage. The operator can raise or lower the tower in only 20 seconds with the flip of a switch, while remaining safely away from the moving parts of the mast.

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Allmand innovation is not just limited to lighting technology. The Maxi-Heat self-contained portable heater has been making work sites warmer since 1992 by providing over a million Btu/hr of clean, breathable, heated air. Twin 16-inch outlets allow the use of up to 110 feet each of flexible ducting, while its increased fuel capacity allows over 30 continuous hours of unattended operation. A unique combustible gas detection, safety shutdown and visible warning system is also available that allows the Maxi-Heat to meet the critical demands of the oil and gas industry.

The Eclipse solar assisted arrowboard trailer offers high-efficiency LED lamps that consume less power, allowing the unit to operate for up to a year without needing to be recharged while still meeting all Federal traffic control visibility standards.

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