Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, a unit of Newpark Resources and a provider of ground protection solutions, commemorated the production of its 250,000th DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mat as it rolled off the company’s assembly line in Lafayette, La. With DURA-BASE mats lasting five times longer than wooden mats, and weighing less than half as much, this production milestone also marked the preservation of over 1 million trees (or approximately 1.25 million wooden mats), along with a tremendous savings in transportation costs and emissions. 

“Worldwide demand for DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mat Systems continues to increase across a variety of industries,” says Jeff Juergens, president of Newpark Mats and Integrated Services. “With each of the 250,000 mats we’ve produced to date, Newpark’s precision engineering process and proprietary design ensure that they all possess the extreme ruggedness and advanced performance required for the most demanding jobs.”  

DURA-BASE mats are produced from a tough non-slip advanced-composite formulation that withstands bearing loads in excess of 600 pounds per square inch. They weigh over 50 percent less than wooden mats, which saves considerable time and transportation cost. 

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Newpark’s precision mats provide superior ground stabilization that minimizes the need for aggregate or gravel and enhances worker safety, while preventing soil disturbance and road dust. They are specially designed as a single piece, with no individual parts requiring bolts or fasteners to hold them in place. This one-piece system prevents spills from being absorbed into the mats and greatly aids in preventing spills from contaminating ground soil. The mats’ ease of transport and installation helps oil and gas operations deploy faster, saving time and money.

From the frozen tundra of the Arctic, to the blistering heat of the Sahara, DURA-BASE mats’ strength and reliability make them ideal for maintaining productivity regardless of weather or terrain. Their versatility also makes them perfect for temporary roadways, in addition to work site padding. This has led to widespread adoption of the advanced-composite mat systems in not only the oil and gas industry, but also in the utilities, pipeline, mining, construction, heavy haul, military, and entertainment sectors. 

About Newpark Mats and Integrated Services
Newpark Mats and Integrated Services is the leading provider of ground protection solutions. Its DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mat Systems are also utilized widely throughout the utilities, pipeline, construction, heavy haul, military and entertainment industries. Newpark is a manufacturer of ground protection systems globally and an innovator in ground protection technology. The Lafayette-based company is a unit of Newpark Resources, Inc. For more information, visit

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