According to a recent article on the The New York Times website, glitches with have prevented many from signing up for health coverage. The report indicates, for example, that one researcher was able to register at 6 a.m. on Oct. 1 but could not log in over the next 11 days with over 40 attempts. 

Although the recent technological snafus have added uncertainties to a new process, others have pointed out that there are options for navigating these difficulties and moving forward. 

Even though some aspects of are not working properly at the moment, you can still successfully gather information and search for the right health coverage for you and your business, says Mike Farrell, employee benefits consultant at the David Insurance Agency in Racine, Wis. On the home page, click on the “See Plans Now” link to view options and associated costs within your immediate area. 

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After performing some initial research on your own, it may make sense to reach out to a local expert. “My best advice is to seek advice,” Farrell says. “Agents and brokers, I think, are probably the best source of information because they know the local marketplace, they know the medical doctors and hospitals that participate in the exchange-based programs, and they are also going to be able to do a good job of comparing not only pricing but the underlying benefits that are included.” 

Farrell also reminds that in order to take advantage of the tax credits available to small employers, coverage must be purchased through the Small Business Health Options Program. 

While may eventually be the most convenient way to purchase health insurance for many, the president offered the remind in his Oct. 26 weekly press address that the online marketplace isn’t the only way to apply for coverage. As any remaining issues with the website get resolved, you may prefer to enroll by phone, mail or in-person with the help of a trained navigator.

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Small business owners can visit for further information and assistance.

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