An innovative new online module has been introduced by Chevin Fleet Solutions that offers a simple solution to motor pool and key control issues. 

For fleets that operate pool vehicles and equipment, this fully integrated solution allows drivers to book a vehicle or piece of equipment through an online portal. Once the reservation has been approved, a six-figure code is automatically emailed or texted to the driver allowing them to open a compartmentalized locker that stores the keys for their allocated vehicle. Once the vehicle or equipment has been returned, the driver re-enters the code and returns the key to the locker providing a fully autonomous solution. 

This key control module is the latest enhancement for Chevin’s enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave that is used by fleets to manage more than 700,000 vehicles around the world. 

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“This module that was developed for a specific client and it’s working so well that we’ve decided to make it generally available to all our clients,” said Ron Katz, senior vice president, North American sales. 

“We serve a large number of fleets that operate motor pools and the issue of key control is a difficult one, especially if a vehicle or piece of equipment is needed by an employee outside of normal office hours. This fully integrated solution offers a practical, cost effective solution.” 

The latest version of FleetWave includes more than 50 different modules that support almost every conceivable aspect of fleet operations.

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Chevin is a leading, global provider of dedicated fleet management software solutions. Our software is used in more than 120 countries worldwide to manage more than 700,000 vehicles with offices in the U.S., UK, Australia and Europe. We provide software solutions to the public sector, utility, construction and corporate sectors as well as governments and international aid operations of every size and type. 

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