The only national conference and expo focusing on the shale water management segment of oil and gas industry is scheduled for Oct. 14-15.

Registration is open for the only national conference and exposition for the shale water management segment of the oil and gas industry, set for Oct. 14-15 in Stafford, Texas. 

Produced by Shale Play Water Management magazine, the Shale Water Expo 2014 features exclusive seminars by industry leaders sharing their expertise in unconventional oil and gas water management, logistics, sourcing, recycling, market forecasting and industry trends. 

A two-day expo in the Stafford Convention Centre features access to the latest technology, equipment and engineering solutions in frac fluids, flowback and produced water management. The event is aimed squarely at the growing unconventional oil and gas industry. 

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“We have lined up the best and the brightest from across the industry,” says David Hill, publisher and executive editor of SPWM. “Until now, there has not been a national convention that gathers the top engineering and business experts and puts their fluid knowledge under one roof.” 

In addition to an opportunity to inspect and discuss the latest water transport, storage, recycling and disposal techniques and equipment, Shale Water Expo 2014 also offers special recognition of the oil and gas companies that are leading the way in creating sustainable water solutions. 

“With technology and techniques for managing produced water and flowback fluids driven by continuing stress on supplies and increasingly constricted disposal options,” says Marcus Oliver Gay, IHS research director for water and a member of the SPWM magazine editorial advisory board. “Industry must optimize the water value chain or face mounting resistance from both stakeholders and regulators. The Shale Water Expo 2014 provides a forum for these important discussions.” 

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