Here’s a selection of oil spill recovery and fluid containment products to help keep production — and profits — flowing.

In a perfect world, there would be no oil spills, but that’s not realistic. Accidents happen. Fortunately, there have been great advancements in the technology behind oil spill recovery and cleanup, and the products on the market now afford a level of protection to locations threatened by spills. 

OSI Environmental Inc., with sites from Fargo, N.D., to South Bend, Ind., cleans storage tanks on land and at sea, cleans up spills, provides environmental support to assist companies inspecting pipelines, and collects and disposes of a variety of waste products from oil to antifreeze to byproducts from mining processes. 

Pat Tracey, OSI general manager of environmental services, recognizes a growing need for reliable oil spill recovery and cleanup equipment. 

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“With our workers, we emphasize that we are an environmental company so we need to be on top of equipment and prevent spills,” Tracey says. “We don’t want to be the source of an environmental problem. We strive to be a clean company and have good, up-to-date equipment.” 

Whether you provide emergency spill response or regularly set up containment solutions to prevent spills, manufacturers offer a range of booms and inflatable or modular equipment to meet the needs of environmental services contractors. 

Check out this selection of oil spill recovery and fluid containment products to help keep production — and profits — flowing. 

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The inflatable wall containment berm from Eldred Environmental can be custom-fabricated to any length, width and height for frac tanks, fuel tanks, vehicles or pumps. It is constructed from an inflatable-grade fabric designed for rescue boats that has excellent durability and air retention qualities. The compact units are also easy to stow when not needed. 

The modular spill containment system from Fibergrate Composite Structures consists of large pans created from a matrix of fiberglass reinforcement embedded in a corrosion-resistant resin, then covered with traffic-bearing, slip-resistant molded grating. The system was designed with durability and mobility in mind and reduces containment concerns. 

The Oil Boom from Husky Portable Containment is designed with a top cable with high tensile strength, a heavy-duty ballast chain and strong connection point, allowing it to be towed and spread quickly in emergency response situations. The V6 is an 18-inch solution to spills in moderate to choppy waters. 

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The 3000HT hydrostatic test unit from Jetstream of Houston can be utilized for accurate BOP pipeline and wellhead testing. Mounted on a heavy-duty, galvanized skid with integrated fluid containment, it features a choice of a 125 hp John Deere Tier 3 or Tier 4i diesel engine, high-capacity water tank and more. 

The Insta-Berm L-Rod and Frame from SEI Industries is designed for spill containment around fuel bladders. The L-shaped rods fold down and the aluminum frame is assembled with one tool. If desired, both can be manufactured using fire-resistant Arctic Shield fabric, engineered specifically for secondary containment of hydrocarbons in arctic environments. 

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