As regulations for spill management grow increasingly stringent in areas like the Northeast shale region, oil and gas operators require new technologies that will reduce contamination risks, improve on-site safety and minimize overall project costs. Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, a unit of Newpark Resources and the leading provider of ground protection solutions, recently unveiled the Dura-Base Defender Liner-Less Spill Containment System. A break-through in spill protection technology, the new system provides drilling and completion crews with a faster and more efficient way of achieving total site containment of spills while adhering to environmental requirements and reducing overall cost of operations.

The Defender system incorporates NMIS industry-leading Dura-Base mats into a fully integrated structure for total site containment. As an all-in-one solution, Defender protects the environment while eliminating the operator’s costs associated with transport, repair and disposal of liners. 

The Defender system features NMIS’s signature DX4 Sealing Technology, a key component designed to keep spills in check, limiting them to the surface of mats for fast and easy clean-up. These specially-engineered redundant seals are fully integrated and offer two layers of protection around each mat — ensuring that on-site installation of the system is efficient and requires minimal labor. The Defender system’s enhanced Cellar Protection System — coupled with DX4 Sealing Technology — reinforces the critical cellar region with a third layer of security. The proprietary Cellar Protection System is custom-fitted for any cellar, on any site. The fully integrated wall berms and drive-over berms improve work site safety by easing access to the work platform, and minimizing the environmental impact to surrounding areas with additional splash protection. The berms connect directly to the sealed matting system, providing full coverage around the site perimeter.

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“We developed the Defender system as a sustainable, cost-effective and reliable solution to help our customers tackle the challenges associated with spill containment,” says Jeff Juergens, president of Newpark Mats and Integrated Services. “This latest innovation also looks to reduce the headaches associated with liner management and disposal by providing a safer, more environmentally responsible spill containment solution.”

For operators, the next-generation spill containment system will not only improve productivity but also reduce an array of operational expenses including site construction, maintenance and remediation. NMIS’s custom-designed grappling trucks and specially trained personnel enable safer system deployment. The safe and efficient grappling truck process ensures perfect seal-to-seal contact while facilitating rigorous quality control. This unique installation method delivers additional ground protection and minimizes impact to the surrounding environment while using less personnel and further reducing costs.

Additional details on production will be available in early 2015. To learn more about the Dura-Base Defender spill containment system click here, or call 877/628-7623.

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Newpark Mats and Integrated Services is the leading provider of ground protection solutions. Dura-Base Advanced-Composite Mat Systems are used widely throughout the oil & gas, utilities, pipeline, construction, heavy haul, military and entertainment industries. Newpark is the largest, most experienced manufacturer of matting systems globally and is an innovator in ground protection technology. The Lafayette-based company is a unit of Newpark Resources, Inc. For more information, click here.

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