Texas-based Green Energy Oilfield Services uses Dragon Products tanks to open new revenue streams.

Trucking water to and from fracking sites opened new revenue streams for Fairfield, Texas-based Green Energy Oilfield Services. The company is now providing frac, acid and mud tank rentals.

“One thing we try to capitalize on is the drilling rig activity,” says John Ringer, vice president of operations and commercial development. “Frac tanks, mud tanks and equipment like that tie in nicely to the drilling side.” 

Green Energy has 425 frac tanks and about 100 acid tanks, mud tanks and gas busters (frac tanks that have no top). The company also offers mud pumps for customers who want to move the fluid from tank to tank. 

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Ringer says the tanks, all built by Dragon, are a good additional service because they stay on a site for months at a time. Revenue comes from rental fees and for services such as removing the fluid and moving the tanks with winch trucks. 

“It’s just another service we offer to the drilling and production guys and it is good business for us,” Ringer says. “If you can be on site while they’re drilling, chances are you’ll get the water-hauling activity when it does start to produce gas or oil.” 

The equipment is spread around to all five of the company’s yards. 

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“We’ve been pretty proficient at keeping most of that equipment out for rent every single day,” says Joe Monroe, CEO and president. “That helps with our geographic and customer diversification.” 

For more about Green Energy Oilfield Services read the full profile in the January 2015 issue of Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor.

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