A portable pipe machining and welding end prep tool that includes a dual spring safety hanger for easily maneuvering and precisely aligning it into a large pipe I.D. is available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, Mass.

The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool is designed for large pipe from 8 5/8-inch I.D. to 36-inch O.D. and can bevel, face and bore simultaneously to produce end preps of any angle, including “j” preps. Easy to maneuver, it comes equipped with a dual spring safety hanger to help align the tool which rigidly clamps to the I.D., has a tracker to compensate for variations in wall thickness, and a precision feed control to advance into the pipe. 

Providing smooth, torque-free operation, the Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool is equipped with user-selectable formed TiN coated tool bits and is ideal for any large-diameter pipe fabrication that requires welding. Available with a 5 hp pneumatic motor or optional hydraulic motor, applications include oil and gas pipelines and process steam lines.

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The Terminator MILLHOG Pipe Beveling Tool is available for sale or rent in the continental U.S.A.

For more information contact Esco Tool Company at 800/343-6926 or visit http://www.escotool.com.

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