The LiftGator removable lift gate, a full-size hitch mounted lift gate, is now available for sale. The LiftGator is attached to the hitch receiver of a truck and is powered from the existing 12v truck battery. A single person can install the LiftGator in less than three minutes.

The LiftGator is free standing on a set of wheels, and can be rolled into the hitch receiver of the truck. Once installed, the LiftGator is capable of lifting up to 1000lbs with the push of a button. When the lift gate is no longer needed, it can be removed from the truck just as easily. COO Marty Affentranger says, “We took the concept of a lift gate, which has been around for over 60 years, and improved upon it. Now someone can have a lift gate when they need it, and a stock tailgate on their truck when they don’t.”

The LiftGator gives a single person the ability to quickly and safely load heavy and unwieldy items into their truck, all without the need to permanently weld a bulky and unsightly lift gate onto their truck. President Justin Russo says, “Many times I have found myself needing to load heavy tools into my truck by myself. The LiftGator is a solution to that problem, which is faced by countless people every day.”

The LiftGator features a study, all-steel frame, with quick drop ground supports. A folding 48-inch aluminum platform provides adequate space for large items. A powerful 3.9 hp 12v motor lifts the heaviest loads with ease. The LiftGator is proudly made in America and comes with a two-year warranty.

The LiftGator can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Orders can be placed on or by calling LiftGator directly at 805/448-7183.

Check out a short video of the LiftGator in action:

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