Marengo Fabricated Steel is introducing their brand Tank-Intel’s smart remote tank monitoring system. The system is a hardware- and software-based solution that works on any tank, anywhere, anytime. 

Comprised of dual level-sensing equipment with smart technology, it allows you to read two liquid levels on any tank from your smartphone, PC or tablet. The equipment enables precise, inexpensive and reliable continuous level measurement in almost every liquid and most bulk solids – independent of process conditions. Changes in the chemical and physical properties of the measured substance do not affect the sensor.

It has very few installation restrictions; especially its coaxial tube probe is unaffected by nearby obstacles and can be mounted in high and narrow openings. The product should allow managers to minimize fuel and labor costs and monitor valuable inventory. The equipment is usable in extreme temperatures and is customizable for different price points.

About Marengo Fabricated Steel
Marengo Fabricated Steel currently manufacturers several product lines as well as custom products. A proud member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA), the company is proud of their affordable pricing, quick delivery, and no sacrifice in quality. For more information, visit

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