Vanair Manufacturing introduces the all new Reliant RS85 rotary screw air compressor. With its enhanced cooling capabilities, the RS85 is one of the most powerful and reliable air compressors in its class with up to 85 cfm at 100 psi. The Reliant RS85 replaces Vanair’s Viking and Viper Hydraulic product lines.

“We are extremely excited about this new compressor. We’ve increased the amount of air by over 40 percent and have kept the cost down, while increasing the hydraulic cooling features. The air pressure output is easy to set on the RS85, giving the operator a greater range of machine operation. We are very pleased that the RS85 allows for the operator to run at higher cfm levels while at the same truck rpms they currently use today,” says Todd Zeigner, senior project engineer at Vanair.

The Reliant RS85 is equipped for the toughest of jobs and can operate up to a 90-pound jackhammer and a 1-inch impact wrench. It is equipped with a direct drive system eliminating any belts or pulleys and is a much quieter machine. “The Reliant RS85 gives our dealers everything their customers need within a very reliable hydraulic package. It is equipped with a unique air end that is exclusive to Vanair, offering the kind of power that is needed while at a significantly lower cost than the competition. Where truck-bed space is at a premium and powerful performance is a requirement, we feel that this product line will be the best option for the marketplace given the feedback we’ve received from our customers and dealers,” adds Dean Strathman, Vice President, Abovedecks.

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