Drilling 1- to 2-inch-diameter blastholes for stone quarries and construction projects is even more efficient with updates to the Atlas Copco FlexiROC T15 R. The rubber-tired, four-wheel-drive top hammer drill rig covers rough terrain faster, has a longer reach for more holes in fewer moves, and drills smoother, faster holes in tough conditions.

The upgraded FlexiROC T15 R rig’s 2.4 Hz Bluetooth radio remote control unit can control both tramming and drilling functions, which are powered by 74 hp (55 kW) 2.8 L Cummins Tier 4 Final engine. Tuning rpm with the radio remote control maximizes fuel efficiency.

The 15-foot-long boom and 12-foot (3.66 m) extended feed have 110-degree side-to-side reach, allowing more holes to be drilled without repositioning the rig. Fewer moves mean more holes drilled faster with less cost overall. 

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Fast setup is supported by the FlexiROC T15 R boom’s 360-degree rollover capability and the carrier’s sure-footed outrigger jack supports. Re-pinning the boom takes only minutes. The combination of features enables operators to drill a hole from practically any rig position.

The Rock Drill Control system automatically adjusts impact and feed speed of the COP 1028 rock drill in proportion to drill parameters such as rotation torque, reducing stress on tools and equipment for longer life. Optimized drilling also increases productivity and drilling performance, even in soft and cracked formations. 

An optional hydraulic, variable force winch is available for added versatility in rough terrain and areas difficult to access.

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