Pressure washing unit runs hot and cold, doubles productivity

When Braydon and Bryce Jeske joined Supreme Vac, an industrial and municipal cleaning outfit owned by their father, Terry, in Edmonton, Alberta, they had some radical changes in mind — as well as a machine that would lead the way. The game-changer? A hot- and cold-water pressure washing machine made by Hot and Mighty (a division of T. George Podell & Co.).

The unit was designed for maximum productivity. For example, to combat the tough Alberta winters, the Jeskes spec’d an enclosed trailer that’s heated and insulated. The unit also features two 400-gallon water tanks that minimize the need for time-wasting refills, two hose reels that enable two operators to work simultaneously, a 500,000 Btu boiler that produces steam at up to 325 degrees, and an 8 gpm/3,000 psi pump made by General Pump (owned by Interpump Group S.r.l.).

“We use the machine primarily for thawing out valves or frozen pipelines, as well as for flushing sewer lines and cleaning out grease and roots,” says Braydon Jeske. “We also use it to wash down equipment. The hot-water option is very effective on grease clogs — I’d say it does most jobs twice as fast as cold water. We’ve even used it to remove cars that got frozen to the ground during water main breaks in winter.”

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The steam option also conserves water — a useful function when crews work in remote locations where water sources aren’t always readily available. “If we’re out in the boonies and want to conserve water, we use the steam application because it uses less water,” Braydon explains. “If we have to thaw 10 frozen valves in one day at oil rigs, for example, we don’t want to be running back and forth to keep the water tanks filled — you want to spend the majority of the day on a job site. With 800 gallons of water, we can usually work for an entire day (without leaving a job site). And that saves customers money because we’re spending more time working.”

Operators use either a special wand for steam cleaning or a steam blanket, which covers a much larger surface area than a wand nozzle. The steam travels from the unit’s boiler into the blanket via a hose; the blanket has holes in it that allow the steam to escape, Braydon says.

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