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Water Cannon electric pressure washer 
The 14M10 portable, 115-volt electric-powered pressure washer from Water Cannon delivers 3 gpm at 1,000 psi. Designed for restricted areas with power but no water, the washer has a 25-gallon onboard tank with room for a small hose reel under the tank. Applications include cleaning air-conditioning coils on rooftops or basements, jetting pipes in bathrooms or kitchens and quick cleanups. 800/333-9274;

Ditch Witch RT80 ride-on trencher
The RT80 from Ditch Witch is a new and improved ride-on trencher, a midrange machine equipped for trenching in small places. It is powered by a 74.5 hp turbocharged Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine. A compact design and axle capacity give the machine a static load rating of 39,000 pounds. The machine has a tight turn radius and is equipped with a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive controls for improved versatility, along with a standard cruise control system that senses changing load conditions and automatically adjusts. An LCD color display shows engine information and diagnostics. 800/654-6481;

Muncie Power Products PTO and installation kit
The Hino 338 series PTO and installation kit features Muncie Power’s HS24 power take-off with modifications to accommodate the Hino 338 Series. Built with sculptured housing, the HS24 clears obstructions allowing for easy mounting on Hino chassis. A smaller overall housing allows the HS24 to be mounted on other 10-bolt applications. The HS24 features simple installation via a drop-in shift solenoid and a clutch-shift design with torque ratings from 325 ft-lbs. The package includes a custom hose kit and wiring harnesses designed to fit a Hino 338 chassis with an Allison 3000 Series transmission. 800/367-7867;

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Sherwin-Williams water-based resurfacer 
The Dura-Plate 2300 from Sherwin-Williams is an epoxy-modified cementitious resurfacer for patching and filling voids and bugholes in concrete and masonry structures that minimizes the potential for pinholing and outgassing problems associated with coating concrete. Abrasion-resistant coating is part of a three-component kit that contains Portland cement, hydrophobic thixotropes, fiber reinforcement, graded silica sand and other aggregates. It contains the Part A Epoxy, Part B Hardener, and Part C Mortar in single packaged solution. 800/524-5979;

Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank system 
The Hauler from Transfer Flow Inc. is 100-gallon, in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system available for 2000-2015 full-size Dodge Ram, Ford and GM diesel pickup trucks with 8-foot beds. The fuel tank is constructed of bright aluminum diamond plate and mill finish aluminum, which is also available in powder-coated black, and operates on Transfer Flow’s Trax 3 Fuel Monitoring System that automatically transfers fuel from the auxiliary tank to the truck’s main tank at predetermined fuel levels. It comes with a dash-mounted LCD display that shows the fuel level in each tank as well as the operational status of the fuel system. 800/442-0056;

Cleral onboard weighing system
The SIM system from Cleral USA is an onboard weighing system and embedded computerized load equalizer for tandem and tridem suspensions. It assesses the weight of each axle and divides it equally between them by controlling air pressure of the pneumatic auxiliary axle. The auxiliary lift axle is fully managed by the SIM control, which will raise or lower the pressure of the axle in accordance to the legal load limits. It can be used on both straight-body units and tractor/trailer pairings with either the Reflex (outside mount) or Kiload K2 (cab-mounted). 866/901-7372;

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IVC radiometric thermal video camera
The FV-3543-1 from Industrial Video & Control is a radiometric thermal video camera that is capable of sensing temperatures for a wide range of applications, including process monitoring, product testing, quality control, equipment monitoring and worker safety. It detects temperatures within up to eight user-defined zones: high, low, average and standard deviation thresholds can be set for each zone. A camera alarm communicates to a plant’s control system via OPC or MODBUS/TCP and also integrates with DCS and SCADA systems. 781/255-7400;

Spirax Sarco pipeline connectors 
The PC3000 and PC4000 from Spirax Sarco are pipeline connectors, with single or double isolation, that allow steam traps to be installed without the need for process shutdown. They are suitable for manifold applications where steam traps are used on tracing and mainline drainage. Features include an ASME 600-rated forged body for use on lines up to 800 degrees F, a fully shrouded piston valve stem for the reduction of corrosion. A fitted strainer protects the steam trap from debris entrained in the condensate. 800/356-9362;

Screenco Systems folding tripod lifter
The Folding Tripod Lifter from Screenco Systems is an all-aluminum unit that has a lifting capacity of 600 pounds, with an 800-pound winch with auto-brake. It includes 20 feet of 3/16-inch galvanized cable, or is available with a 1,200-pound winch that holds 50 feet of cable. A stainless steel cable option is also available. Three versions of the unit are available, with 4-, 5- or 6-foot legs. The 4-foot model weighs 28 pounds, and is ideal for storing upright in service vans. The 5-foot model fits on the hose deck of most trucks, while the 6-foot model can be used to lift heavy pumps from pump chambers All models have aluminum footpads with cleats for solid footing on soft soils. 208/790-8770;

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COXREELS motorized hose reel 
The 1125 Series of motorized hose reels manufactured by COXREELS features a one-piece, all-welded A-frame base as well as a low profile outlet riser and an open drum slot design that provides for a non-crimping, smooth hose wrap. It’s operated by a direct gear drive that requires no maintenance, lubrication or chain adjustment, in addition to multiple safety features, including a simple drive system with less moving parts. In place of the chain sprockets, the direct gear drive ensures an uninterrupted reel operation. 800/269-7335;

Walls vented coverall
The Vented Coverall from Walls Apparel is flame-resistant workwear that features a banded waist with elastic inserts for a comfortable fit and plenty of pockets, including a ruler pocket on the right leg. It offers Category 2-level protection and an ATPV of 8.2. The vented back is made of a concealed mesh panel for breathability and mobility. 780/466-6385;

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