Crews spend WWETT Show setup days prepping trucks for opening of the show

Getting all the trucks on the show floor of the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show is no easy task. Daryl McFadden and his crew at K-Rae Transportation spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday detailing 30 of the trucks at the show.

“We specialize in moving trucks around the United States and Canada to different shows and then cleaning them,” McFadden says of his Streator, Illinois-based company.

For the 2016 WWETT Show, McFadden said he started moving assets around a week prior to the show.

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“I had a driving crew here Monday and Tuesday we had a detailing crew in already,” McFadden says. “We take the trucks through wash, bring them into the hall and then the detail crew gets them all shined up.”

It takes crews about five hours per truck, but it can be longer depending on the weather conditions.

“When we were getting the snow here on Sunday, I was worried,” McFadden says. “But if the weather cooperates, the coordination is fairly simple.”

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The toughest part of the cleaning of the trucks is the aluminum on them. “It’s tough getting them clean, but they want them shining and looking brand-new.”

Following the show, the driving crews come back to Indianapolis to drive the trucks to their next destination.

It’s all a part of move-in days at the WWETT Show. Here’s a glimpse of what that can look like:

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