In this week's news, Royal Dutch Shell announces it will cut 2,200 more jobs globally and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has rescinded a fine against a large gas driller

Oil company Royal Dutch Shell says it will trim at least 2,200 job globally amid challenging times in the industry, according to the Associated Press.

Oil companies around the world are slashing jobs and postponing investments to adjust to lower energy prices, the company said on May 24.

The latest round of cuts brings total job losses at the company to 12,500 since the start of 2015. Shell employed around 90,000 people globally at the end of 2015.

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Pennsylvania DEP Rescinds Fine Against Gas Driller

A year after Range Resources was accused of allowing a leaking well to taint nearby water supplies and refusing orders to fix it, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says the cause is under investigation and rescinded an $8.9 million fine it proposed against the state’s fourth-largest gas driller.

The DEP declined to answer questions about what prompted the agency’s change on May 24.

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Range Resources has denied the gas came from its Harman Lewis well in Lycoming County, citing tests that show it was there before drilling began. The company declined to comment on the agency’s most recent move.

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