Liquid and Dry Bulk Transport Equipment, Pipeline Installation, Corrosion Management, Inspection and Maintenance

Bulk Transport

Dragon Products 130 BBL ASME “U” Stamp Code Tanker

The 130 BBL ASME “U” Stamp Code Tanker from Dragon Products has a 3/16-inch 316L stainless steel shell with a 60-inch outside diameter. It has a stainless steel subframe with tan­dem axle air-ride suspension, with 25,000-pound-capacity axles with outboard drums, Dura-light lightweight hubs and cast lite drums. It has a 12-inch walkway from manway to manway with handrails the full length of the trailer with a rear walkup and center ladder. All steel surfaces are coated with white metal steel grit blast, 2.5 mil profile (sp-10), coated high-build epoxy primer and color-coated with high solids polyurethane, 4 to 6 mil dry film thickness. Belly-mounted pump packages are available. 877/231-8198;

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Freightliner Trucks mid-roof truck

Mid-roof trucks from Freightliner Trucks are available with optional lightweight components such as aluminum frame rails, axle carriers, and air tanks to reduce chassis weight and increase hauling capacity. Advanced safety features include seat- and steering-wheel-mounted airbags, collision avoidance systems, and stability control (Roll Stability Control [RSC] or Enhanced Stability Control [ESC]). Stability control combines the anti-lock braking system with automatic traction control by slowing the truck when a potential rollover is detected. The systems automatically work together to maintain control of the vehicle, particularly when traveling through turns. The options are available on Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution mid-roof trucks. 800/385-4357;

­Imperial Industries MRK6000

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The MRK6000 aluminum tank series from Imperial Industries offers legal weight hauling of liquid waste with 6,000- and 6,300-gallon aluminum trailer units. Units are offered in a vacuum style trailer unit with optional vacuum pumps or blowers mounted off the driver’s side or a pump rack off the bottom of the trailer unit. They include a Ridewell suspension with Holland running gear, retractable ladder, 14-gallon secondary, 4-inch air line, 20-inch rear manway and an optional OSHA handrail. 800/558-2945;

PCI Manufacturing Solutions 130-BBL Vacuum Transport Trailer

The 130-BBL Vacuum Transport Trailer from PCI Manufacturing Solutions allows easy access from the ground to the upper walkway. The standard vacuum trailer includes three-point suspension, two-speed crank landing legs and 1/4-inch ASTM A36, sub-arced steel barrel, and offers customization options such as plugs, toolboxes, and suspension. Each barrel is fully gusseted and padded to withstand the rigors of both on and off road. The long wedge sump offers room for 4- and 6-inch loading lines. Every trailer leaves the facility ready to use immediately, complete with reflective DOT tape, LED lights and radial tires. 844/526-5440;

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Tankformator ISO ECLIPSE 1 

Modular ISO ECLIPSE 1 vacuum tanks from Tankformator can operate under full vacuum and have a highly corrosion-resistant shell material of 317L stainless steel, with an external pressure rating of 11.6 to 15 psi. Tanks are designed according to ISO 1496/3 and offer a hermetically sealed tank vessel, ensuring complete containment of both liquid and odor. For loading, vacuum is drawn on the tank shell via a 4-inch nozzle at the top front end where it connects to a vacuum pump. Discharge is through two 4-inch valves, including an internal clean-flow valve and a full-bore ball valve. The two valves enable a smooth and unobstructed flow of most viscous fluids.


Deep Trekker DTX2

The DTX2 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from Deep Trekker is used by energy companies to inspect underwater infrastructure. Depth rated to 1,000 feet, it can be used to inspect the external structure of underwater pipelines. It can travel up to 3.5 knots and is equipped with four vectored thrusters to ensure smooth lateral movements while flying through the water. The ROV is completely portable, contained in two carrying cases, with internal batteries that last between four to six hours on a single charge. No additional equipment, like generators or deploying mechanisms, is needed. 519/342-3177;

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye Prism 

The Gen-Eye Prism video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners uses a tablet or smartphone to monitor and record inspection work. An internal Wi-Fi transmitter sends video to the designated device up to 500 feet away. The compact, rugged command module weighs 3 pounds, and can be mounted securely on any Gen-Eye GL or POD reel. An expandable cradle on top of the unit safely supports a standard-size tablet, and easily adjusts for optimal viewing. Optional brackets for mini-tablets and smartphones are also available. It includes an on-screen distance counter to track how much pushrod remains in the line, a nine-page titler with full keyboard to add company and job information to videos, a power port to keep a tablet or smartphone charged during inspections, date and time stamps for records, and an LED dimmer control. 800/245-6200;

Pearpoint P340+ flexiprobe 

The P340+ flexiprobe pushrod sewer camera system from Pearpoint is lightweight, rainproof, rugged and has a built-in lithium-ion battery. Reliable and interchangeable cameras produce sharp digital pictures, which can be recorded externally or onto USB or compact flash memory. Advanced digital capabilities mean that users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording to focus in on problem areas. Compact reel designs allow the systems to be fully transportable and protected in transit. A wide range of compatible sondes, skids, brushes and accessories completes the package, allowing inspection of pipes up to 9 inches in diameter. 800/688-8094;

Radiodetection Corporation GatorCam 4 

The GatorCam4 pipeline video inspection system from Radiodetection Corporation has a ruggedized controller with an integrated lithium-ion battery that removes the need for an external power lead. A push-button fuel gauge provides quick indication of remaining power even when the controller is switched off. It can be configured to suit most inspection requirements. A range of pushrods is available, from the extra-flexible 100-foot plumber’s reel up to the 500-foot extra-stiff rod designed to push for longer distances. Both 1- and 2-inch cameras are available which, when used with skids, can inspect pipes with diameters from 1 to 12 inches. 877/247-3797;

RIDGID SeeSnake rM200 

The SeeSnake rM200 camera system paired with the CS65 digital reporting monitor from RIDGID provides a solution for pipeline inspections. The rM200 is capable of inspecting lines up to 200 feet long and 1 1/2 to 6 inches in diameter. It comes with a choice of two drums that each feature different push-cable lengths, diameters, stiffness and springs for on-the-job flexibility. It has an integrated transport system for easy portability. The CS65 Digital Reporting Monitor can be docked to the rM200 for on-site reporting. It has one-touch image recording for fast, efficient documentation of inspections. Its 1TB internal hard drive provides ample storage for multiple jobs. PhotoTalk pairs audio commentary with an image in an email-ready file. Its built-in, water-resistant keyboard allows for the easy addition of on-screen titles and annotation of captured media. 800/769-7743;

Corrosion Monitoring Equipment/Systems

Electro-Chemical Devices Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor 

The Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices is designed for the continuous and accurate measurement of trace levels of dissolved oxygen, helping to maintain oxygen-free boiler feed water and reduce corrosion. It is a lead-silver galvanic sensor with a durable PFA Teflon membrane. As a digital sensor, all of the signal conditioning, calibration and diagnostic functions are performed inside the sensor. Its signal is noise-free and it has zero calibration and air calibration. The orientations of the inlet and outlet sample lines automatically purge air from the flow cell. The measurement chamber is optimized for fast response and all wetted parts are 316L stainless steel. It is compatible with the T80 Analyzer, which also works with all Model S80 Sensors. It offers a large measurement range from 0.001 to 20 mg/L. Drift is less than 1 percent per month. It has an easily replaceable electrode cartridge. 800/729-1333;

Pipeline Assessment Tools and Software

AssetWorks Field Service Solution 

The Field Service Solution from AssetWorks combines in-vehicle electronic logging devices (ELDs) and in-office software for effective legislative compliance. It meets the requirements of the ELD mandate while providing additional functionality such as driver behavior, field ticketing/dispatch, GPS/telematics, vehicle inspection and work-alone safety options. The solution handles all North American regulations including DOT and Transport Canada, allows for multiple crew login on the same vehicle and supports pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Daily vehicle inspection functionality meets U.S. FMCSA and Canadian NSC Schedule 13 requirements. It simplifies hours-of-service tracking and reporting while eliminating the need for paper logs. 403/705-3880;

Graphic Products DuraLabel Toro 

The portable DuraLabel Toro from Graphic Products helps create long-lasting pipe marking labels. The stand-alone label and sign printer supports labels 1/2 to 4 inches in width and comes preloaded with DuraSuite compliance-focused labeling software, which can help quickly create standardized labels in a variety of formats, as well as LabelForge label software, for easily designing custom labels to fit any application. The system includes a full-size keyboard, touch-screen interface, and optional battery to accommodate print jobs around a facility and in the field. Print pipe markers and facility signs with supplies that resist UV and chemical exposure, endure extreme weather, and provide readability in low-light settings. 800/788-5572;

Vivax-Metrotech MyLocator2 

Free MyLocator2 software from Vivax-Metrotech allows an operator to manage a fleet of utility locators. Configure a fleet of locators by turning on or off features, selecting which frequencies the user has access to and creating custom startup screens. The software will transfer data from the locator to a host computer, perform software updates and save the locator’s configuration and settings. When the locator is connected to a computer running the software, the software will automatically search for the latest software for both the utility locator and desktop application. The utility locator connects to the computer with a supplied USB cable. 408/734-1400;

Vacuum Tank Trucks and Trailers

Amthor Matador 

The aluminum Matador ASME code or non-code vacuum tank from Amthor International comes standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. It is available as a dumping tank with or without full-opening rear doors, as well as with off-road construction options for various oilfield and mining applications. Various pump models are available, as are chassis and stock tanks. 800/328-6633;

Ditch Witch MV800 

The MV800 mud vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch is designed for cleanup on horizontal directional drilling job sites. Its commercial-grade, 31 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gas engine has electric start and a high-capacity remote air-intake filter. Its filtration system includes an integrated carryover chamber that eliminates contaminants before they reach the blower. It has an 800-gallon spoils tank with optional reverse flow and hydraulic-opening door to easily remove spoils. It is available with an optional water system with a 100-gallon water tank and adjustable pressure up to 3,000 psi for soft excavation tasks such as potholing utilities. 800/654-6481;

GapVax XVT 

The GapVax XVT is designed to vacuum convey heavy sludges such as drilling fluid, grease, septic and wastewater. The deep vacuum power of the positive-displacement blower loads quickly. The PD blower can also pressure off-load up to 14 psi (rated 1,400 cfm at 28 inches Hg). The body is constructed of 1/4-inch ASTM A-572 Grade 50 steel with a payload option from 80 to 100 barrels with a 40-degree dump angle. The filtration system consists of a 10 micron washable Dacron filter and has quick access with no tools needed. The full-opening tailgate with dual lift cylinder and field-adjustable locks assures a complete seal. Common options include a hydroexcavation package, lift axle, integral water tank, safety lighting, storage compartments, and heavy-duty rear bumper. 888/442-7829;

Guzzler Manufacturing Predator 

The Predator vacuum tanker from Guzzler Manufacturing is designed for handling bulk liquids, sludge and semisolid waste in industrial applications. The 3,000-gallon payload capacity tanker has a standard vacuum pump capable of suction pressures up to 27 to 29 inches Hg, maximum airflow of more than 400 cfm, and more than 300 cfm at 18 inches Hg. Alternate pump sizes are available. The single compartment tank is constructed with carbon steel and rated for continuous maximum vacuum operation and 15 psi working pressure. The tank is ASME Section VIII boiler code- and DOT 412-compliant for hauling hazardous materials on the highway. 815/672-3171;

Hi-Vac Aquatech B-10 

The Aquatech B-10 combination jet/vac truck from Hi-Vac Corp. has a single-engine design for lower fuel and maintenance costs, rear-mounted hose reel and 360-degree top-loading rotating boom. The low center of gravity makes full loads more stable, while the self-cleaning tanks are corrosion- and abrasion-resistant. The air/vacuum system has an operating capacity of 2,700 cfm and a 204-inch water column. Options include extended boom, pneumatic foot control for one-man operation and lockable vacuum tubes. An internal boom allows for pickup of materials above and below water. 740/374-2306;

Keith Huber Corporation Knight PD  

The Knight PD air-mover from Keith Huber Corporation uses a Robuschi RB-DV145 blower capable of 6,176 cfm. The Huber Master Control allows the operator to control all functions with the push of a button from one centralized location, including a separate baghouse and cyclone clean-out. It has a 3,000-gallon carbon steel tank with 5/16-inch shell, a DOT-approved boom mount, centrifugal nine-stage cyclone, hydraulically operated full-opening rear door with integrated safety cylinder valve, tank-mounted hydraulic vibrator, 53-degree dump angle, 6-inch discharge valve (mechanical or air operated), 6-inch intake valve with internal standpipe, rear work lights, LED running lights, a back-up alarm and grounding reel. Options include ASME/DOT 412, pressure off-load, Huber Lock rear door, hydraulically operated boom with 22 feet of reach and wireless operation, and a HammerHead Armor front bumper. 800/334-8237;

Pac-Mac VP Series  

The VP Series service truck from Pac-Mac, a division of Hol-Mac Corporation, comes with a 2,500-gallon tank with 66-inch outside diameter and 156-inch shell length (also available in 1,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,200, 4,500 and 5,000 gallons), a 1/4-inch-thick shell and 5/16-inch nominal-thickness heads, right-angle drive pump system, 20-inch rear and top manways, manway ladder with safety tread, bolt-on baffles and hose trays with drains, rear hose hooks, 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, and a premium two-component epoxy primer-sealer and polyurethane topcoat in solid and metallic colors. Options include a hydraulic drive jetting system, 36-inch rear manway, multiple toolboxes, bed liner applied to hose trays and tank, a chemical-resistant two-part epoxy interior liner, safety beacon, rear sump and stainless steel float level indicator. 800/844-3019;

Petrofield Industries Tornado F4 Slope 

The Tornado F4 Slope hydroexcavator from Petrofield Industries has a 13-cubic-yard mud tank and 2,100-gallon freshwater tank, with a boiler for hot water and a positive displacement blower (4,000 to 6,300 cfm) to pull the spoils to the tank. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. Because of the sloped floor design, operators do not hoist the tank to empty it, eliminating the dangers of overhead power lines and dumping on uneven ground. 877/340-8141;

Presvac Liquid Vac 

The Presvac Liquid Vac with full opening door and dumping tank is a versatile vacuum truck. It can be configured to suit a broad range of applications, including collection and transport of hazardous and nonhazardous liquids, slurries and sludges, septic system cleaning, line jetting, and material transfer. The full-opening door and large tipping angle make tank clean-out easy. Vacuum pump options include full vacuum of 28 inches Hg, and 200 to 1,500 cfm. Tank volumes are available in 500 to 5,500 gallons. Tank material options include carbon steel, or 304, 316, or 316 high-polish stainless steel. Options include a water pump, transfer pump, custom hosetrays and toolboxes, and heated valves. 800/387-7763;

SchellVac Equipment 2600 Series Combination Hydrovac 

The 2600 Series Combination Hydrovac from SchellVac Equipment is designed to serve construction, energy and utility industries. The system is mounted on a tridem chassis and is equipped with a 6,400 cfm Robuschi PD blower direct-powered by a Namco transfer case. The water jetter system consists of a 3560 CAT (20 gpm/4,000 psi) pressure pump, 980,000 Btu boiler and 1,200-gallon water capacity. The complete water system is installed in an insulated and heated aluminum body. The hoisted 15 1/2-cubic-yard debris body includes a dual cyclone plus cartridge filtration system. It has a full-open rear door with hydraulic locks, an 8-inch remote-controlled telescopic boom with a 27-foot reach when fully extended and a load-sense hydraulic system. 877/336-0081;

Super Products Arctic Supersucker 

The Arctic Supersucker vacuum truck from Super Products makes dependable operation in harsh conditions easier by relying on a design specifically for use in frigid environments. It has an 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system, 18-cubic-yard payload capacity and body dump unloading, and cold-weather features including a glycol-heated collector body and tailgate, heated and insulated heavy-duty tailgate drain valve, and low temperature-rated hydraulic oil and hoses. It comes with a hydraulic boom with stainless steel cannon with an abrasion-resistant liner, and cold-weather-resistant wiring and pendant for easy, dependable operation of the boom. Dual liquid level indicators, LED work light package and an extra-large 90-inch toolbox are standard. 800/837-9711;

Transway Systems Terra-Vex 

The Terra-Vex all-season hydroexcavator from Transway Systems has a direct-drive 6,400 cfm blower, silencers and water system contained within an insulated heated acoustical walk-in enclosure, including 23 square feet of usable storage space. The enclosure reduces sound levels by several decibels, enabling hassle-free residential work while ensuring operators stay comfortable and water components don’t freeze. The hydraulically driven water pump delivers 10 gpm at 6,000 psi, and the 1,200-gallon HPDE water tank and 425,000 Btu burner are protected from the elements. The 3,000-gallon debris tank comes with hydraulically operated hoist, full-open rear door and locks. A 26-foot, 8-inch suction boom is hydraulically operated with a joystick and wireless remote control. 800/263-4508;

Vacall AllExcavate 

Three vacuum boom tube and hose design options are available on AllExcavate hydroexcavation models from Vacall. One design uses a heavy-duty full-length rubber hose that is durable yet flexible with a gum rubber lining that runs from the turret mounted on the debris tank out to the pickup point. The second option has a steel tube-in-tube boom and intake that connects to an identical rubber hose elbow that leads to the pickup point. The third option has a steel tube-in-tube with steel elbow boom and intake tube. The unit can generate up to 27 inches Hg and up to 5,800 cfm. Used in combination with the machine’s high-power waterjetting forces, it can effectively loosen and remove dirt and other material from around utility lines and foundations where mass excavation is not possible. 800/382-8302;

Vac-Con Combination Machine

Combination Machines from Vac-Con are available in configurations from 3.5- to 16-cubic-yard capacities, with hydrostatically driven two- and three-stage, centrifugal compressors or several optional positive displacement blowers with up to 27 inches Hg. High-pressure, smooth-flow water systems are offered up to 120 gpm and 3,000 psi, with cross-linked polyethylene water storage tanks with total capacities up to 1,500 gallons to handle the cleaning of small- or large-diameter pipe. These machines can be equipped with a 180-degree articulating front-mounted hose reel in capacities up to 1,000 feet, and high-pressure hose diameters from 5/8 to 1 1/4 inches. There are front-mounted telescopic booms available with up to 10-foot extension, and 8- and 10-inch tube diameter. They can double as a vacuum excavator with the optional hydroexcavation package, allowing the operator to reduce the volume of water, maintain the pressure for digging and direct the flow through a conventional excavation hand wand. They are available with a variety of specialized pipe cleaning and excavation tools. 904/284-4200;

Westech Vac Systems Hydrovac Code (TC407)

The Hydrovac Code (TC407) excavation truck from Westech Vac Systems is specified with a TC407 rating (hazardous goods transport capable). The truck allows quick access to buried water mains and natural gas and petroleum pipelines, cutting through hardened scale and frozen ground with reduced risk of damage. It can handle unpredictable off-road applications and unknown hazardous materials, in every type of weather, from the freezing cold of winter or the heat and humidity of summer, from -40 to 95 degrees. It has quick and easy setup so work can begin immediately, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Debris body capacities range from 11.8 to 13 cubic yards. It has heated rear door valves, a heated hose reel cabinet and glycol and air purge winterization systems. 780/955-3030;

Water Trucks and Trailers

Curry Supply On-Road Water Truck 

Curry Supply On-Road Water Trucks control dust and clean equipment. They are designed and built in-house in an ISO9001-certified manufacturing facility, from raw material to finished product. They come with 2,000- to 6,000-gallon tanks built with ASTM A36 steel and interior tank coating, and include internal baffles, full-length tank runners, a 24-inch top manway, water level indicator, a 4- by 3-inch water pump, air-controlled spray valves (two in the front, one side, and two rear), manual rewind hose reel with 50 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose and adjustable nozzle, and 2 1/2-inch hydrant fill with anti-siphon air gap. They come with DOT-compliant wiring and lighting systems, a stress-free mounting system, a heavy-duty rear bumper, and fenders. Ship-out kits are available with easy-to-follow instructions for customers who prefer to install the tank themselves. 800/345-2829;

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