Sometimes, simple is better.

That idea is one of the main selling points behind Trident Processes’ latest innovation, the Trident KDS Separator, which the company showcased at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show. And along with the product’s simple engineering and efficient use of space comes a high amount of energy savings, making it an appealing choice for the gas and oil industry.

The KDS Separator is an alternative to conventional solid/liquid separation systems. It’s used across many industries, including wastewater treatment, food processing and metal processing. According to Trident Processes President Kerry Doyle, the product’s potential applications are endless.

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“We see a lot of opportunity anywhere there’s solid/liquid separation required,” he says. “Wherever belt presses are used, is a very valid use for this product. We’re finding new applications every day where this can be used.”

The 36-inch tabletop screen design uses rotating discs to slowly move a mixture from one end of the unit to the other. As the oval-shaped discs rotate and arc, liquids pass through the spaces and the solids remain on top.

“Because the disc is oval in shape, when it turns, it has a low initial entry through the screen,” Doyle says. “As it rotates, it gets higher and higher in the screen. Every time a column moves that material forward, it gets drier and drier.”

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The KDS Separator is completely adjustable by application. For instance, Doyle says a wastewater treatment plant might start with a waste stream of 1.5 percent solids coming out of a clarifier and need to thicken it to 6 to 8 percent before it enters the digester. However, another application might require 10 percent solids.

“You can actually tune the machine so it can be at 7 percent or 10 percent and it won’t ever change,” Doyle says, noting that the KDS Separator reaches its maximum capacity at around 10 to 12 percent solids.

And because the process requires no grinding, pressing or screening, the stainless steel KDS Separator experiences little wear. It also solves problems related to clogging or plugged screens and offers an immediate energy savings.

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“The power savings alone would pay for the equipment,” he says. “It has a very high capacity in a very small footprint, and it has a very, very low horsepower requirement.”

Doyle notes that the unit’s small size and low horsepower requirement also makes it ideal for mobile applications. “You can put this on a trailer and move it from site to site,” he says.

This was the first year Trident Enterprises exhibited at the WWETT Show, and it was also one of the first times the KDS Separator was shown.

“I had so many customers that I asked distributors to stay in the booth and answer questions because we were overrun,” Doyle says. “Even when the lights went down (on Saturday) and people were breaking down booths, we still had people in our booth talking to us.”

And like many show exhibitors, Doyle was surprised by the variety of attendees who made their way to Indianapolis. The show, which originally catered to pumpers and portable restroom business owners, has become a diverse gathering of anyone and everything in the wastewater industry. Doyle says he spoke to pumpers, corporations, a big appliance company, people from wastewater treatment plants and more.

“The show experience was fabulous,” he says. “It seemed to be a good mix.”  800/799-3740;

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