In this week's news, crew camps in Williston are required to close by Sept. 1 because of a new ordinance, and a temporary waterline is in place for a city in Canada following an oil spill

Williston crew camps will be required to close by Sept. 1 under an ordinance approved Aug. 9. Operators, however, could seek permission to reopen in the future if a demand for oil worker housing returns.

The Williston City Commission voted 5-0 Aug. 9 to phase out temporary workforce housing, giving companies until May 1, 2018, to remove facilities and until Aug. 1, 2018, to clean up the sites, according to the Williston Daily Herald.

Raising objections were Gary Thompson of Lodging Solutions, which owns the land north of Williston where Target Logistics operates worker housing facilities. Thompson offered to sell the commissioners his property, which he says is now worthless.

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Temporary Waterline in Place for City Affected by Oil Spill

A temporary waterline is now flowing to a city that was forced to close its water intakes after an oil spill on the North Saskatchewan River in North Battleford.

The city tells The Canadian Press that the latest water samples taken from the temporary line between the city and the neighboring town of Battleford are clear.

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North Battleford closed its drinking water intakes after a Husky Energy pipeline leak detected July 21 spilled up to 66,043 gallons of oil mixed with a lighter hydrocarbon into the North Saskatchewan River.

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