Fecon Incorporated mobile balancing system

The FMB-100 and FMB-200 mobile balancing systems from Fecon Incorporated are designed to be a cost-effective solution for rotor imbalance. Both models can be used on any make or model of forestry mulcher. The FMB-100 lets the operator know how out of balance the rotor is (magnitude) and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). The FMB-200 is capable of walking the operator through the balancing procedure, notifying where to add weight and how much. The system can identify which vibrations are caused by rotor imbalance, and which are caused by other issues, such as bearing failure. 800/528-3113; www.fecon.com.

Larson Electronics mobile light tower

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The WCDE-4X500W-LED-MLK light tower from Larson Electronics is a self-contained towable LED light tower equipped with an 8-kilowatt Marathon generator and an 11.7 hp, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine. The engine supplies current to four 500-watt LED lamps that produce 240,000 lumens of light. A 45-gallon fuel tank allows the engine to operate for up to 80 hours. The telescoping tower reaches 25 feet when fully deployed and folds down to 4.5 feet for storage and transportation. Hydraulic operation allows operators to easily raise, lower, or rotate the mast 359 degrees. Four stabilizing outriggers provide stability when the tower is fully deployed. The entire unit is mounted on a two-wheel trailer with 13-inch wheels and a foldable tongue with a reversible 2-inch ball coupling/pintle hitch. 800/369-6671; www.magnalight.com.

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