Watch as we take you on a tour of the Vac-Con manufacturing facility in Green Cove Springs, Fla. Established in 1986, Vac-Con builds about one machine per day at its only manufacturing facility. "We like to tell our customers that we start out with a sheet of steel and end up with a Vac-Con at the other end of the plant," says Tom Jody, Vac-Con marketing director. 

According to Jody, Vac-Con is not just an assembly facility, but rather a true manufacturing plant. The plant bends, cuts, machines, welds and fabricates the steel that makes up most of the components on the trucks. Thousands of inventoried parts are housed in the plant's parts carrousel, which gives technicians easy access to the equipment they need to build and fix the assembled trucks. 

Precision and robotic welding prevents leaks and ensures quality in manufactured tanks. Subassemblies include blowers, debris tanks, hydraulics and water pump drives, booms and hose reels to easily produce the units in one facility. After final assembly, units are sent to a test stand to be tested for operation and any potential leaks. After painting, units are tested a final time before shipment.