Hydroexcavation is the safest way to locate underground utilities using a high-volume water system and a high-pressure vacuum system. Using hydroexcavation, there's no way to damage underground utilities. It's easy, quick and efficient. Marketing Manager Tom Jody explains how Vac-Con's dual blower hydroexcavator is powerful and fuel efficient using two positive displacement blowers capable of 28 inches Hg and together capable of 7,000 cfm.

Sales Technician Mike Shelton demonstrates the unit by engaging both blowers and running the vacuum system at 1,200 rpm and the water system at 1,000 rpm. With both vacuum systems on at full throttle and the hydroexcavation handgun activated, Shelton begins vacuuming. When finished, he decreases the throttle, disengages both vacuum pumps, turns off the water pump, takes the pressure off the hose and turns the water gun off to take the system out of operation.