Vac-Con featured its X-Cavator at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Indianapolis, Ind.

The X-Cavator's powerful vacuum and high-pressure water system will excavate to the power of the X to get the job done right.

The X-Cavator handle's your toughest and tightest excavation applications.

The X-cavator enables you to locate and safely excavate around valuable utilities without damaging them. There is no application too tough for the X-cavator, and you can order yours with specific options to handle those special excavation jobs you are expecting. Some of the opportunities waiting for the X-cavator are:

• Vacuum Excavator Trenching
• Potholing / Daylighting
• Exposing Utilities
• Underground Utilities
• Highway & Street Repairs
• Water & Sewer Repairs
• Long Distance & Congested Area Excavation
• Oil & Gas Distribution Lines
• Propane & Gas Tank Remediation