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Check out this month’s issue of GOMC magazine for great information on the oil and gas services industry. Learn how to better motivate employees to work hard at creating a successful company, and get tips on diversifying your services.

Being a great leader is more than being good at what you do; you also need to help your employees be good at what they do. Having productive, motivated employees is important to your success. In this issue, Timothy F. Bednarz explains the importance of motivating your team, both as a whole and as individuals. He provides 14 methods to help you become a better leader and to help your employees achieve company goals and improve performance.

A safety culture is different than a safety program. Safety is always so important to be mindful of, especially for employees working out in the field. A safety training program ends, but developing a mindset that keeps safe work habits in the forefront of all activity keeps workers safe. For tips on establishing a better overall culture of safety, read this month’s Safety First.

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Diversifying into various market niches can be a key to success. No one knows that better than Primco Dene Group, a large company in northeast Alberta that provides a variety of services to the northern Canada oilfields, including emergency medical services, man camp catering and management, security and waste-management services. When one branch of services slows down, hopefully others can pick up the slack.

In the Bakken, the job market has shifted, but opportunities still exist. Service and support industry jobs are more important now. Work for construction workers, mechanics and drivers, engineers and welders is still out there. Experience is more important than it once was, but the jobs are out there for those willing to work. More about job market trends can be found in the Bakken Extra column.

Help is out there. Oilfield Helping Hands is a nonprofit charity organization with multiple chapters in many oilfield regions. The organization was founded in Houston in 2003 as a way to help oilfield families experiencing a financial crisis. OHH raises money through a variety of fundraising events throughout the years. For more information about this great organization and ways to get involved, check out this month’s Niobrara Extra

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