A rig worker melds his stunning black and white photography with characters from Star Wars films.

Craig Mann lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and works as a dynamic positioning officer on an offshore drilling rig operating to the west of Shetland. Mann thought his fellow oil rig workers could use a little more humor in their lives lately. He decided to use his downtime between shifts to combine his photography talents and his love of Star Wars, and ended up creating these beautiful images.

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Black and white photographs of the drilling rig combined with stills of Star Wars characters equals a collection of brilliant pop culture images that have surged in popularity in recent weeks.

Mann says the photos were aimed at other onboard workers, but the images have been shared and spread to a much wider audience. He’s received a lot of emails thanking him for his efforts, and it’s easy to see why.

See Mann’s entire series “No Bothans died to bring you this…” on Facebook and Instagram.

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