Colfax Corp. Smartsense Pulse

The SmartSense Pulse intelligent pump monitor, part of a family of pump monitoring systems from Colfax Corp., provides an ongoing indication of pump health. The pulse device mounts near the bearing on the pump housing. Measuring 2.4 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep, the entry-level device features at-a-glance LEDs that indicate pump performance and provide maintenance alerts when needed.

“It’s a visual monitoring device that looks at two parameters: vibration and temperature, which for our three-screw pumps are the key indicators of pump health,” says Todd Kierstead, markets and products specialist for Colfax. The monitor also can be used on any pump technology where temperature and vibration indicate pump health.

“If you have a pump that’s not in a critical application, this might be a very simple solution. It’s simple to install, simple to use and a low-cost investment. For critical installations we would recommend our SmartSense System, which includes temperature, vibration, cavitation, seal leak detection and rotor wear.”

The Pulse monitor operates by comparing the readings it receives to predetermined set points.

“If the bearing temperature under normal conditions would operate at, let’s say 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it would give you a good health condition,” Kierstead says. “But if the bearing temperature started to rise and reached a point where it was excessive it would give a visual feedback that the bearing temperature needs to be analyzed. The same with vibration.”

The Pulse indicator has a vibration monitoring range of plus or minus 2g, 4g, or 8g and temperature range of -40 to 221 degrees F. LEDs blink yellow for high-level vibration and temperature and red for high-high level. The base level can be resent with an electronic key. The battery-powered device has a battery life indicator, can operate about one year before requiring a new battery, and automatically turns to sleep mode when no vibration is detected. 804/560-4070;

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