Truck and tank components make your work easier, safer and more productive

Vacuum trucks and tanks are only as good as their most critical component. Having the right valves, couplings, blower, pump, hoist or hose for the job can increase productivity and decrease profit-robbing downtime. Here are some of the many components and maintenance products designed to keep your fleet looking and performing its best.


Alemite LLC

The Model 595 18-volt lithium-ion grease gun from Alemite LLC has a flow rate of 6 ounces per minute and maximum pressure of 8,000 psi, delivering up to 27 grease cartridges on a single battery charge (battery light indicates sufficient capacity for three grease cartridges). The 40-pound unit features a gun-mounted motor for optimal balance and reduced operator fatigue. 866/425-3648;

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Armstrong Equipment Inc.

The dual disk gate valve from Armstrong Equipment Inc., manufactured by National Vacuum Equipment Inc., features slotted ports that allow trapped material to escape to the bonnet, preventing the gates from binding on the seats when opening a flooded valve. Flush ports, located in the bonnet, allow the valve to be flushed in place when packed with debris. Valves come in 4- and 6-inch models, cast steel or stainless steel. 800/699-7557;


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Banjo Corp.

The 303C 3-inch female polypropylene cam level coupling with three arms and 3-inch hose shank from Banjo Corp. features stainless steel rings, arms and pins. The coupling is interchangeable with all types of cam lever couplers and has a maximum pressure of 75 psi and EPDM gaskets (Buna N and FKM available). BSP threads are available. 765/362-7367;


Best Enterprises Inc.

The PTO dash warning light from Best Enterprises Inc. notifies the driver when the PTO is engaged. Sensors shut down the PTO when the secondary begins to fill up. The PTO also can be switched off from an outside electrical box. 800/288-2378;


Blowertech Ltd.

KAIV Series truck mount blowers from Blowertech Ltd. and manufactured by Kay International Ltd. feature monolithic casing for rigidity under vacuum and pressure. Models (310, 320, 322, 340 and 3702) deliver 850 to 5,300 cfm and continuously attain 28 inches Hg. Made for wet or dry material handling, the blowers eliminate the need for liquid cooling and heat exchangers. Manifolds, silencers, motor adapters and custom-designed complete packages are available. 866/466-4716;


Chandler Equipment Inc.

Jurop RV-Series (RV360, RV520) vacuum pumps and CEI packages from Chandler Equipment Inc. are available in multiple drive configurations (gearbox, hydraulic, belt) and operate at or near 73 dBA and produce 18 inches Hg. The RV360 has a recommended input speed of 1,100 to 1,300 rpm with an output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. The RV520 has a recommended input speed of 1,100 to 1,300 rpm and output of 520 cfm at free air and 466 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887;


DEL Hydraulics

Hydraulic hoists from DEL Hydraulics are environmentally friendly with no bleeding required and less aggressive seal that is less likely to be damaged. Leaks are captured in the tank. Operating air is drawn from the tank. Features include non-rusting tubes and treatment-free sealing surface. The ram mounts either flush with the front of the body or can be recessed for additional loading on the front axle. 716/853-7996;


J. Eagle Tanks

Vacuum tanks from J. Eagle Tanks feature secondary valves with built-in release pressure. The 1,900- to 4,000-gallon steel tanks include sight glasses, primary, intake/dump valves, manways, hose trays and reinforced internal baffles. 800/721-2774;


FORCE America Inc.

The VT 15, 25 and 35 valve tank assembly from FORCE America Inc. combines the tank and valve enclosure in one unit. All components are housed under a protective cover, including valve, tank, filter, breather, sensors, electrical connections and hose end fittings. Available in steel or stainless steel, other features include 15- to 35-gallon reservoir, high-capacity suction strainer, removable cover, three-point mounting, swing-out valve mounting, 5-micron filter and externally mounted sight gauge. 888/993-6723;


Fruitland Tool & Manufacturing

The Model ELIM A-SM Eliminator pump package from Fruitland Tool & Manufacturing includes RCF500 LUF vacuum pump, mounting bracket, gearbox, coupler, 99 percent efficient oil-catch muffler, pressure and vacuum relief valves and secondary shutoff. 905/662-6552;


Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.

The dynamically balanced Gamajet VIII hands-free cleaning system from Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. blasts grease and other residue from the surface of enclosed vessels, creating a slurry that can be easily pumped. 610/408-9940;


Guzzler Manufacturing

GuzzlerGrip nozzles from Guzzler Manufacturing are designed to reduce fatigue and increase productivity for industrial vacuum operators. The nozzle has a replaceable vacuum hose supported by a curved backbone. The nozzle keeps the operator clear of the plastic hose, providing added control during vacuuming. 800/627-3171;


Kuriyama of America Inc.

The Tigerflex Amphibian AMPH Series heavy-duty lined, wet or dry handling hose from Kuriyama of America Inc. has a PVC cover with oil-resistant polyurethane liner, rigid PVC helix and service temperature of -40 degrees to 150 degrees F. Features include static dissipative cover and Cold-Flex for cold-weather flexibility. Available in 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-inch I.D.s, the hoses have a working pressure of 30, 35 and 36 psi at 68 degrees and 15 and 18 psi at 104 degrees F with full- and 28-inch Hg vacuum rating at 68 degrees and 25- and 28-inch Hg vacuum rating at 104 degrees F. 847/755-0360;


Lincoln Lubrication Systems

The real-time Wired Tank Monitor from Lincoln Lubrication Systems can be used with all grades of motor oil, gear lubes, hydraulic oils, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and coolants, diesel fuel and DEF/AdBlue. The system allows for up to 10 control boxes for monitoring 100 tanks. Features include email notification for warning alerts, tank delivery, tank level and alert history reports. 314/679-4200;


LMT Inc.

Full-open rear doors with 4- by 8-inch hydraulic cylinder from LMT Inc. allow for easy removal of sludge and waste. Doors are available in sizes from 60 to 84 inches. Six heavy-duty pinwheels secure the lid in place and a 2-inch fluted gasket creates an air-tight seal. 800/545-0174;


L.T. & E. Inc.

Heated collars from L.T. & E. Inc., available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch models are made of 304 stainless steel for durability. The collars bolt between two flanges (ANSI or TTMA bolt pattern) on the truck for easier valve maintenance or replacement. Extra pipe couplings enable the optional 110-volt heater and thermostat to be mounted for overnight freeze control. 800/296-8035;


Masport Inc.

Designed to eliminate oil carryover, the 3-inch oil separator with internal demister pad from Masport Inc. fits up to 400 cfm vacuum pumps and is available in horizontal and vertical models. 402/466-8428;


Master Pumps & Power

The Roper 5600 Series gear pump from Master Pumps & Power offers high solid and heavy liquid transfer. Features include external greasing and reversible rotation and flow. Applications include oil field service, brine and raw water, sludges and slurry and waste oil pumping. Model 5658 with 3-inch port has a maximum speed of 400 rpm and maximum flow of 232 gpm at 10 psi. 800/410-0045;


Moro USA Inc.

The PM80T continuous-duty, dual fan-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA Inc. is capable of 29 psi and continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg with a flow rate of 350 cfm. Designed to move nonvolatile liquids and sludge long distances, features include industrial duty bearings, Viton seals and low (1,100 rpm) rotating speed. The pumps do not require a liquid cooling system. Other features include integrated check valve, changeover valve, 3-inch hose connection and oiling system. 800/383-6304;


National Vacuum Equipment

Float level indicators from National Vacuum Equipment are available in threaded and welded variations with carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel weldable bases. Features include stainless steel arrow indicator, 8-inch steel ball, guard and fasteners, triple Viton seals and Teflon wipers, stainless steel stem and tube, ball bearings and Teflon bearing supports. The unit is serviceable from outside the tank and available in ASME code. 800/253-5500;


Pressure Lift

The 6-inch PLC-6000 power booster from Pressure Lift increases the vertical lift of heavy sludges by powering through highly viscous material, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing equipment resources, while eliminating the need for heavy equipment. 972/355-0550;


Progress Tank

High vacuum blowers for tank and truck applications from Progress Tank have a 28 inches Hg continuous-duty vacuum rating and airflow ratings from 500 to 6,000 cfm. 816/714-2629;


R.A. Ross & Associates N.E. Inc.

The Tuthill T850 dry bulk truck blower from R.A. Ross & Associates N.E. Inc. delivers 390 to 1,300 cfm of airflow and is rated for 20 psig service. Features include two thermal relief plugs for heat and pressure protection should the blower discharge temperature reach a predetermined limit. The plugs are left-hand thread to prevent insertion of a pipe plug or bolt into the openings. The blower can be driven by a PTO or hydraulic motor. 800/678-4581;


SEI Industries

Self-priming pump systems from SEI industries feature typical flow rates of 50 to 250 U.S. gpm. Diesel, gasoline or electric models are available, along with filters and hose assemblies. Other features include low fuel consumption, recoil start, self-lubricating pump, pressure relief valve, 2-inch camlock fittings with dust plugs and powder-coated roll cage. 866/570-3473;


TOICO Industries

The self-aligning gearbox kit for Masport pumps (models HXL75, HXL400) from TOICO Industries includes base assembly, self-aligning gearbox bracket, sure-flex coupling kit and 1:1 ratio right-angle gearbox. 888/935-1133;



The rotary pipe rack from Vac-Con enables the operator to store and remove vacuum tubing and basin nozzles from ground level. The unit bolts directly to the deck (30- by 30-inch deck area) and is available for four or five pipes. Pin latches retain pipe in the rack. 904/284-4200;


Vactor Manufacturing

The powder-coated aluminum Higbee vacuum nozzle tube from Vactor Manufacturing is designed to quickly achieve the correct depth and suction. The nozzles have an inner tube with fixed air ports that regulate airflow. Applications include skimming and vacuuming under water. 800/627-3171;


Water Cannon

The diesel-powered hot water pressure washer from Water Cannon delivers from 3,200 to 4,000 psi and 4 to 8 gpm (115-volt models available with 2,500-watt generators). The washer has dual 15-gallon poly fuel tanks, 12-volt burner, 45 amp charging system and choice of General or Annovi Reverberi pumps. Other features include 3VX belt system, stainless steel coil wrap, Beckett burners, adjustable thermostat and safety pressure relief valve. 800/333-9274;


Wee Engineer Inc.

Spring mounts from Wee Engineer Inc. mount to most tanks, decrease fatigue on the tank frame and prevent cracks. They are made from commercial grade, oil-tempered chrome silicon spring wire. 877/296-2555;

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