Expo education seminars offer customer service and business building tips sure to help gas, oil and mining support service contractors ramp up the revenue.

Business building techniques are an important component of the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, and a host of valuable seminars are scheduled to help gas, oil and mining support service contractors grow and improve the service they offer customers in the year ahead.

First off is Expo Education Day, Monday, Feb. 25, which has grown greatly in scope and attendance over the years. Tracks of seminars are sponsored by a variety of professional organizations, including the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, the National Environmental Health Association and the WaterJet Technology Association. If you provide services aligned with these groups, or are considering adding new, in-demand services, these seminars will inform your choices.

Next, starting with Education Day and continuing throughout the Expo, a variety of business development experts will help give a boost to your company, talking about everything from Internet marketing to building professionalism. This year's highlight is the all-day seminar, "2013 – Your Best Year Ever," given by business coach Scott Hunter on Education Day. In previous Expo appearances, Hunter has drawn full rooms with his easygoing yet inspiring style.

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All of the education seminars, including a lineup of sessions presented in Spanish, will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in meeting rooms adjacent to the Pumper & Cleaner Expo exhibit halls. For more information on seminar times, locations and speakers, visit www.pumpershow.com.

Seminars of interest to support service contractors include the following:

WaterJet Technology Association

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"Safety & Efficiency – You Don't Have to Choose!" by Gary Toothe, training manager for FS Solutions: Learn about safe and efficient use of vacuum to keep your business productive and competitive.

"Selecting the Best Jetting Tip Doesn't Have to Be Scary," by Gary Toothe: Learn the factors in selecting the proper jetting tip for sewer, pipe, tube and surface cleaning.

"Hydroexcavation – The Non-Destructive Solution," by Benjamin Schmitt, product manager for Vactor Manufacturing: Learn the distinctions between hydroexcavation and pneumatic excavation, and a review of who is using the technology and applications.

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"Understanding the Power: Physics of Vacuum and How it Works," by Phil Stein: Explore how vacuum is used to remove various liquids and solids, as well as the science and calculations related to everyday job situations.

"Safe and Proper Operation of Combination Machines," by Chris Cira, president of M Tech: Learn safe and proper use, care and maintenance of combination
machines, including key aspects of the NASSCO guidelines.

National Environmental Health Association

"Education & Training: Professionalization of the Practitioners," by Anthony Smithson, public health consultant: Discuss the role education and training can play in building professionalism in the industry and your business.

Southern Sections Collection System Committee

"Nozzle Science – The Next Generation of Tier 3 Nozzles and Beyond," by Rick Lewis: Look at specific nozzles and their design, as well as their precise use and alternative applications.

National Association of Sewer Service Companies

"Jet Up! Sewer and Storm Water Cleaning," by Scott Paquet, president and CEO of NozzTeq: Learn about proper jetting techniques, hose line loss charts, pipe and hose sizes, jet size, and how to test truck equipment and clean efficiently.

"Case Study of Cleaning Large Diameter Sanitary Sewers and Siphons," by Mark Barnett, co-founder of Hydrostructures P.A.: Discuss cleaning and CCTV inspection of abandoned and active large-diameter sanitary sewer mains.

Strictly Business:

"The Art and Science of Business Management," by Bill Raymond of Frank & Lindy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling: Learn how to rid your business of "money thieves" and meet revenue and profit projections.

"The Business of Contracting," by Dan Friesen of the Nexstar Network: Discover the success secrets of Frank Blau Jr. for building a healthy, strong, profitable company.

"New Untapped Techniques to Capture Today's Customers," by Jerard Nighorn of Lenzyme: Learn seven steps to capturing and keeping customers and getting customers to market for you at no cost.

"10 Steps to Marketing Success," by Suzan Chin of Creative Raven: Discuss branding, promotion, publicity, advertising, social marketing, electronic communication and more.

"Cloud Computing for Small Business and the Field Service Industry," by Oren Shatken of FoundOPS: Explore how cloud computing can improve your productivity.

"Don't Win the Price Game," by Frank Taciak of C.A Taciak & Sons: Discover how to get out of the low-price trap, charge for the real value of your services, and operate more profitably.

"Make the Phone Ring with Low-Cost Marketing," by David Heimer of Service Roundtable: Discover proven techniques to attract customers and recruit top employees without print, TV or radio advertising.

"Local Marketing on the World Wide Web," by Jim King of COLE, Inc.: Discover how to market effectively on the Internet through searches, social media or email.

"Save Money – Move Your Business to the Cloud," by Joel Smith of Clear Computing: Learn the types of cloud computing, how they affect your business, and the pros and cons of using this resource.

"Morally Bankrupt," by Dina Dwyer-Owens of Mr. Rooter/The Dwyer Group: Learn how to Live R.I.C.H. by embracing Respect, Integrity and Customer focus, and Have fun in the process.

"Measuring Success Matters: Your Ads, Your Agents, Your Technicians," by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan of Service Titans: Spend an hour learning how to focus on generating more leads, booking more appointments, and closing more sales, and why measuring success is the key to all three.

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