Special jobs require special truck and tank components for maximum efficiency, from easy-loading trailer rollers to the latest vacuum pumps and heavy-duty hoses.

Getting the job done quickly and safely can be accomplished more efficiently with the latest in specialized truck components. Whether it's pop-up rollers to make cargo loading and unloading easier, vacuum pumps that make clean-outs a breeze, or abrasive-handling hoses, here are a few products to consider.

Trailer Rollers, Dump Bodies

Atoka Precision Machine Shop

Oilfield trailer pop-up rollers from Atoka help in loading and unloading skids, lifting the load above the trailer deck, and reducing drag and damage to the deck surface. Available in 40,000- and 24,000-pound lift capacity with straight vertical lift to fit between axles, both models are customizable and can be greased. Installation is available. 580/364-0182; www.atokapms.com.

Crysteel Manufacturing

The Select custom dump body from Crysteel Manufacturing is available in traditional square styles or elliptical in sizes from 5- through 20-cubic-yard capacities. Options include tailgate design, side height, floor material and understructure design, along with a range of accessories. 800/533-0494; www.crysteel.com.

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The HPT heavy-duty dump body from DuraClass features interlaced understructure and vertical side braces for productivity and durability. Made of high-tensile steel throughout, the body includes enclosed front corner posts and is available in 12- to 20-foot lengths. Options are available. 800/255-4345; www.duraclass.com.

Valves, Level Indicators

Banjo Corp.

Full port stubby and manifold stubby valves from Banjo Corp. are available in 2- and 3-inch sizes. Features include stainless steel ball, handle and stem, padlock cable handle, 100 psi, FTFE ball seats, glass-filled polypropylene, FKM (Viton style) body seals, and stainless steel bolts. 765/362-7367; www.banjocorp.com.

Eldredge Equipment Services

The Depth Ray system from Eldredge Equipment Services provides continuous monitoring of liquid levels and slurries in tanks. A display reading is generated by a probe mounted in the top of the tank that emits an inverted cone-shaped ray from the antenna end of the probe inside the tank. The system reads under pressure or vacuum and is not affected by foam or airborne dust particles. Data is sent to a digital display mounted in a weatherproof fiberglass enclosure. Displays can be programmed to indicate levels from empty to full or from full to empty in gallons, inches or meters. Control circuits for level indicator lamps, PTO and valve controls are available. 800/220-2052; ww.eldredgeequipment.com.

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Nozzles, Compressors, Containment Tanks

Guzzler Manufacturing

The aluminum Guzzler Backbone nozzle from the Guzzler Manufacturing line of GuzzlerGrip nozzles for industrial cleaning is designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Features include a replaceable vacuum hose supported by a curved backbone with handles, harness and nozzle ends that work together to keep the operator away from the hose and provide a better grip while vacuuming. 800/627-3171; www.guzzler.com.


The RAPTAIR 60 stand-alone diesel drive air compressor from VMAC delivers 60 cfm at 100 psi. Featuring Intelligent Digital Controls, the dusty cycle compressor turns itself on and off in response to air tool demand for reduced idling and fuel consumption, with enough power for a 60-pound jackhammer or 1 1/4-inch impact wrench. The compressor weighs 450 pounds and is 18 inches wide, 34.5 inches long and 28 inches tall. 800/738-8622; www.vmacair.com.

Husky Portable Containment

Portable containment folding tanks from Husky Portable Containment are available with steel or aluminum frames and a choice of sizes and materials, including EXLON. Liners include Easy Lift handles and feature "pinch-free" frames in the folding areas of the tank and lifetime welded seams. 800/260-9950; www.huskyportable.com.

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Sewer, Vacuum Pumps

Hammelmann Corp.

The HDP-146 and HDP-196 sewer pump series from Hammelmann Corp. are designed for dirty water applications, delivering flows up to 160 gpm and pressure up to 3,200 psi to handle sewer blockage problems. Features include ceramic plungers, wear-resistant valve seats, low flow velocity over-suction and discharge valves, slow plunger speed, pressurized oil lubrication system, and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Options include horizontal or vertical models, reversible pump head, central or side suction connection, discharge connections on both sides, and left- or right-hand driveshaft. 800/783-4935; www.hammelmann.com.

Moro USA

The PM80W continuous-duty, water-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is capable of 29 psi positive pressure and continuous vacuum of 24 Hg (28 Hg intermittent) with a flow rate of 417 cfm. Designed to pump nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances, the unit features industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals, and low (1,100 rpm) rotating speed. The pump includes an integrated check valve, changeover valve and 3-inch hose connections. It is available in pre-assembled pump packages, complete with stand, secondary oil catch and drive, gearbox, hydraulic-, pulley- or engine-driven. Liquid cooling loop components are available. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com.

Westmoor Ltd.

The Conde right-angle PTO drive pump from Westmoor Ltd. features a sturdy base, direct-drive coupling mounted on the 115 cfm SDS 6, 180 cfm SDS 12, or 230 cfm SDS Ultra pump. It can accommodate vacuum-only or vacuum/pressure pumps and offers bolt-on installation. 800/367-0972; www.westmoorltd.com.

Hoses, Oil Coolersz

Kuriyama of America

The heavy-duty Tigerflex Tiger-TR1 hose from Kuriyama of America features a rigid PVC helix for general wet and dry vacuum applications. Rubber compounds provide light weight, flexibility, conductivity and durability. Applications include abrasive material transfer, sand/shot blast recovery, roof rack cleaning and fly ash collection. 847/755-0360; www.kuriyama.com.


The severe-duty oil cooler from Ledwell improves flow rates to 60 gpm at nominal pressure loss. Features include increased fan size for better airflow, watertight electrical connections, IP68 waterproof fan motor rating, temperature sensors to monitor real-time condition, and 8-gallon tank capacity. Other features include O-ring and JIC plumbing connections, with large hoses and fitting sizes for minimal pressure loss. Other tank configurations are available. 888/533-9355; www.ledwell.com.

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