CW Industries toggle safety cover

The CW GT-4X toggle safety cover from CW Industries has a spring-loaded design that provides protection against accidental actuation. Covers are available in white, black and red and designed to mate with CW Industries' GTS Series toggle switches. The mounting base faceplate is glossy black steel and the safety cover is an ABS-blended plastic resin. The 0.481-inch mounting hole accepts all standard toggles with 15/32-inch mounting stems. 215/355-7080;

Generac spark-ignited engines

The 9-liter spark-ignited engine from Generac Industrial Power, used on Generac 80kW and 100kW generators, is made for use with gaseous fuel in industrial applications. Features include stainless steel intake and exhaust valves for long life, Stellite (a cobalt-based alloy) corrosion-resistant valve seats, and reduced valve angles to minimize friction. Other features include hypereutectic cast aluminum pistons for thermal expansion resistance, tighter clearances for quieter operation, and longer piston ring life. 888/436-3722;

McElroy TracStar Series 3 fusion machine

The TracStar 500 Series 3 fusion machine from McElroy Manufacturing has an indexer-mounted heater and facer, economy engine throttle setting and hydraulic clamping. The machine is capable of fusing thermoplastic pipes from 6-inch IPS to 20-inch outer diameter. The carriage can be removed and lowered into a ditch for fusing in tight locations. Power for the heater is supplied by an onboard generator, while the engine-driven, hydraulic pump system provides power for the facer and dual-speed track system. Dual hydraulic pipe lifts help load and unload pipe into the carriage. 918/836-8611;

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Sure Seal 345-Series butterfly valves

The 345-Series butterfly valve from Sure Seal is designed for use in rugged environments and with various types of loads. The lightweight valves feature improved flow through the use of a thin disc and large valve opening. The aluminum valves are available in six sizes from 2 to 6 inches and contain no hardware on the disc that can become loose and contaminate the product. 800/382-1604;

Opto 22 upgraded I/O processors

G4D32EB2-UPG and G4EB2 I/O processors from Opto 22 enable automation professionals to upgrade a legacy mistic or Pamux G4 digital I/O system on a serial network to operate as part of a modern, Ethernet/TCP-based control system without replacing or modifying existing I/O or field wiring. 800/321-6786;

Asahi/America Quarter Master Remote Cycle

The Quarter Master Remote Cycle unit from Asahi/America features a Series 94 electric actuator with self-powered battery and open/close timer mounted to Type 21 ball (1/2 to 2 inches) or Type 57 butterfly valves (1 1/2 to 4 inches) for use in remote areas. Other features include NEMA 4X resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, adjustable open and interval times via dip switches and manual override. The 12-volt DC rechargeable battery can operate 1,100 times fully charged. 800/343-3618;

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Atlas Copco XAS 1800 JD7 compressor

The XAS 1800 JD7 compressor from Atlas Copco is designed for applications requiring a high volume of air at medium pressure and compliance with Tier 4 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations. Features include electronic controls, optimized fuel consumption and small footprint to reduce transportation costs. The compressor produces 1,800 cfm at 100 psi and 1,600 cfm at 150 psi. 800/732-6762;

Nidec vertical pump motors

TITAN II 5812 and 5813 frame vertical motors from Nidec Motor Corp. have a cast iron frame and insulated bearings with shaft grounding. Bearing and winding temperature detectors are available. The 5813 includes WPI and WPII (weather-protected) enclosures ranging from 250 to 1,750 hp. The motor is available as hollow or solid shaft in both low and medium voltages. The 5812 has a fan-cooled enclosure for applications in mining, oil and gas and other severe-duty industries. Speeds range from 400 to 1,800 rpm and power ranges from 200 to 1,250 hp. 888/637-7333;

Coxreels zinc-plated reel

Zinc-plated 1/2-inch 1125 Series hose reels from Coxreels are designed for applications that require superior oxidation prevention. Features include Nitrile seals, one-piece, all welded A-frame base, low profile outlet riser, and open drum slot for a smooth wrap. 800/269-7335;

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Ditch Witch vacuum excavator

The 49 hp FX50 vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch is designed for cleanup and soft excavation tasks, including cleaning out sewers and valve boxes, horizontal directional drilling support, removing road construction debris, posthole digging, and exposing utilities. The unit can be configured with a choice of four water tanks (80 to 500 gallons), four spoils tanks (300- to 1,200-gallon capacity), hydraulic boom and hydraulic valve exerciser. 800/654-6481;

Vanair Air N Arc I-300 power system

The 48-inch Air N Arc I-300 power system from Vanair provides a 40 cfm rotary screw compressor, 7 kW AC generator, 300 amp welder, battery booster and battery charger, and 10.5 gpm hydraulic pump in a single unit. Designed to provide full functionality with the truck engine off, the power system fits behind the cab or on the side pack of a vehicle. 800/526-8817;

NLB Torrent 50 tank cleaning head

The Torrent 50 tank cleaning head from NLB Corp. delivers 3-D waterjet action with the water force of 600 hp and fits through a 6-inch tank opening. Rated for pressure up to 20,000 psi and flows to 50 gpm, the stainless steel, corrosion-resistant head has two high-velocity waterjets that spin vertically while the head spins horizontally for 3-D coverage to remove hardened resins and plastics. 800/441-5059;

MJM septic system blanket

Matt's Sewer Blanket from MJM Industries is designed to protect septic systems against frost and freeze-up without electricity. Tested in northern Minnesota, the 6- by 20-foot blanket can be staked to the ground in fall and rolled up in spring for storage. Used below grade, at grade or on mounds, the reusable blanket is waterproof and eliminates the need for straw. 218/689-1031;

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